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Thursday morning musings 2/14

Posted by goldwriting on February 14, 2008


2) Phew, now that I have woken up again after passing out from sheer joy, let’s continue with the day. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, yours and theirs.

3) I’m a huge fan of Guitar Hero, but after seeing this kid play the game, I might hang my guitar shaped controller in shame. Or I could film a crazy training montage as I build myself into the greatest player in the world! Only time will tell… – Watch more free videos

4) Kathleen Turner has responded to Nic Cage’s lawsuit by saying she’s sorry. In her words, “Those were my thoughts at the time. I never meant to hurt or damamge anyone.” So it was only in her thoughts that he was drunk driving all the time and only in her thoughts that he stole someones dog. That all makes perfect sense.

5) The WGA is back to work and the shows are getting their seasons figured out again. A good number of shows will only finish the scripts that were in production when the strike hit and start building for next season now, but some are just going to wait it out and come back fresh. Life, Chuck and Heroes seem to be in the latter category. I would love to see more Chuck as soon as possible, but I’m glad that Heroes is staying off the air and NBC is planning to “relaunch” the series. Anything that can erase the awful aftertaste of last season is a smart move.

6) The pic is really nothing new in the form of how Wolverine is going to look, but my inner comic book geek is still tweaking out over this on set shot from the upcoming X-Men prequel.

7) I wonder if these dudes saw the grocery store version of this last week? In a battle of one versus the other, I give it to these guys for incorporating the wind-up frog in the bathtub. MacGuyver would be proud.

Restless legs dominos

8) I only made it through about 4 verses of this before starting to cry laughing. Some wonderfully insane people have decided to try and translate teh Bible into LOLCat language. This could be the beginning of a one-world-religion.

LOLCat bible

9) Casting Alert: People are whispering about a possible cameo from Al Pacino in the next Bond film, Quantum of Solace. I have no idea in what fashion this will appear, but if Pacino gets into a gun battle with Bond I might just have to forgive the whole franchise for casting Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist. Maybe…

10) With the WGA heading back to work, many movies are trying to figure out if they can stay with their original release dates. JJ’s Star Trek is the first major movie to get pushed back from its Christmas release date to May 2009. I wonder if they are thinking to themselves, “Do we have time to recast this thing? What the hell were we thinking!?!?!”

One Response to “Thursday morning musings 2/14”

  1. erin said

    hahahaha btw, did you notice that on the LOLCat bible, the banner ads were for “Christian singles”? “100% Christian” touted one banner ad. i find that incredibly hilarious.

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