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Now you know and knowing is just a touch over half the battle.

Daily Musings 2/20

Posted by goldwriting on February 20, 2008

1) I think I might move to japan just so I can watch these commercials on a regular basis:

2) Eminem is writing his autobiography and it is going to hit the shelves on Oct. 16. I imagine when the store is closed the book will drop some dope rhymes on the wanna-be poser books next to it and make them jump off the shelves in shame. Also, this book had better play a beat when I open it, like one of those musical holiday cards.

3) Just as we are starting to let ourselves forget of the horrors of dogfighting, a new article emerges talking about horse fighting in the Philippines. They actually get two males horses, work them into a frenzy by placing them in a small arena with a female horse and make them fight over which one gets to mount her. Supposedly this is better for their economy due to the high price of dealing with horses that can no longer work the fields. So, now that you know this is going on, we can safely let go of that whole “we’re getting better as a species” plotline. We also know where Michael Vick is moving after he gets out of jail.

4) Obamamania continues to sweep the nation! he won another two primaries in Wisconsin and Hawaii, which gives him ten in a row and he now leads Hillary by 70 delegates. Bring on the Texans!!!

5) Casting Alert: Ryan Reynolds has supposedly been cast as Deadpool in the upcoming Wolverine film. The hopes are that his performance and the audience reaction to it could make it viable for an offshoot. Deadpool has been a character yearning to get on the silver screen for a long time and I think Reynolds could be the guy to do it. He’s practically a comic book in person anyway. Oh, Will I. Am from the Black Eyed Peas is also in the film. I just told you that so you don’t start building your hopes up too much.

6) Where the Wild Things Are, which is being directed by Spike Jonze and written for the screen by Dave Eggers, is being pushed back to a 2009 release. The studio has seen the early cut and reportedly hate it. The screenings are scaring kids and people feel it’s “too adult” and “too frightening”. To me, I don’t care in the least, I want this movie to come out as soon as possible and I think the scarier the better. This is going to be like watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for the first time when you were finally old enough to realize how creepy it really was. Hooray for childhood emotional trauma. šŸ™‚

7) This will only get more adorable when he gets sued by Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono.

Child sings “Hey Jude”

8) NBC sinks to a new low with this show obviously begging to end any hopes of a decent relationship between fathers and their children:

My Dad is Better Than Your Dad

9) Universal Studios has just announced a new production deal with Hasbro and they rattled off a large number of projects that they plan to bring to the big screen. Here’s my interpretation of each idea:

Monopoly = might as well cast Trump and call it a biopic.
Clue = This was already done once to perfection. Touch the original and I’ll burn the studio down.
Ouija = Did we miss Jumanji?
Battleship = otherwise known as The Hunt for Red October, U-571, Crimson Tide, etc.
Magic the Gathering = fantasy movies are big right now, but basing one off a card game might be a bit of a stretch (which leads me on a nice little pun into…)
Stretch Armstong = This was not a game! This is a dude made of a creepy rubbery substance. Any child who played with this for more than five minutes was instantly classified as a social outcast.

10) They have just officially wrapped principle photography on The Watchmen and Director Zack has given his fans a little wrap gift of their own; a new Hi-Res photo from the upcoming flick. Enjoy.

Watchmen photo

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