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Daily Musings 2/21

Posted by goldwriting on February 21, 2008

1) In the continuing quest for equality between the genders I hereby balance out all the nut-knocking videos of poor, hobbled men with this video game montage of women getting punched in the hoohah.

2) Warner Brothers is on the verge of making me an incredibly sad man. Reports are circulating that the early screenings of Where the Wild Things Are were terrible and now the studio is deciding whether or not to reshoot the whole thing. This is not uncommon ground for WB as they did this before on their trainwrecked Exorcist prequel. I honestly don’t care what they think, I want the Spike Jonze/Dave Eggers version! I can only pray that if they reshoot it, this original film will make its way out on some type of director’s cut DVD (like the Exorcist movie did). Also, if they call Michael Bay or Brett Ratner to come fix this I’m going to airlift massive sperm whales over the studio and drop them.

3) As if Warner Brothers wasn’t already on the verge of making terrible decisions, they have announced a deal with Leonardo DiCaprio to help produce a live action version of Akira, one of the most famous anime titles to make the hop into American culture. You want “too scary” and “too adult”, here we’re talking about post-apocalyptic Japan and a giant mutant baby that fills a football stadium by the end of the film. Yeah, that won’t leave a scar on the brains of the audience. (I could be swayed on this if they get Zack Snyder to helm it)

4) UK magazine Q ran a new poll that shows the British now feel Oasis tops the all time record chart with “Definitely Maybe” at 1 and “What’s the Story (Morning Glory)” at 2. The Beatles fell all the way to 4 with Revolver. Two things are for sure here: First the British are just getting tired of McCartney and the whole divorce scandal so they are rebelling against any mention of him at all, Liam and Noel’s heads are sure to grow to monumental proportion over this and make it impossible to tour anymore since they won’t be able to fit through airplane doors anymore.

5) All around the net people are up in virtual arms over the claim that Michel Gondry’s new film Be Kind, Rewind was plagiarized from an old skit off Nickelodeon’s The Amanda Show. My problem with this is people have come up with similar ideas throughout time without being connected to each other at all, so it is hugely possible that they never saw this skit (like most of the world). Also, once you watch the clip, it’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to steal the idea since it came off as horribly unfunny.

6) I only watched clips from the last nine hour Grammy celebration in honor of itself, but I did see Kanye’s performance and gave him credit for raising the bar. Well, he just got trumped by the showstopper Rihanna put on last night at the Brit Music Awards. Laser beams, people, laser beams are where it’s at!

7) I love feuds between comedy types, even when they are purely for show. It was hilarity when Sarah Silverman showed her real-life boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel her video confession entitled “I’m F*cking Matt Damon”, but now everyone is getting amped and prepared for Kimmel to fire back on his post-Oscar show with his own video titled “I’m F*cking Ben Affleck” reportedly being sung to the tune of “We Are the World”. This is going to waiting for, I can feel it in those places underneath my bones, where ever those are.

8) Jessica Simpson seems to have found her new fan base. Her box office plague, Blond Ambition, made over $250,000 this past weekend when it debuted in the Ukraine. I think this is fantastic. The Ukraine can take Jessica, Germany can have Hasselhoff and the US will be a better place for their absence.

9) NBC is teetering on giving the final shove off to Friday Night Lights. This has been a wildly popular show with a core group and critically acclaimed, but the core group is smaller than they would like and after the writer’s strike NBC is looking to save as much cash as possible. Teen angst and muddy football just doesn’t pay the way it used to, I guess.

10) This starts slow, but jump about a minute in and this begins to take on a whole new life.

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