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Daily Musings 2/22

Posted by goldwriting on February 22, 2008

1) I’ve never been a huge fan of Golf, but that is admittedly because I have a complete vacancy of skill for it. Even still, I can appreciate an amazing comeback when I see one and we all know by now that no one mounts a comeback like wunderkid Tiger Woods:

2) Portions of the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Israel are blaming the gay population for the rash of recent earthquakes in the holy land. This ranks right up there with the insanity of the Westboro Baptist Church who claim the war in Iraq is a direct result of the US acceptance of the gay community. I never realized it until now, but if this is all true, gays are the most powerful race on earth! Being gay is like a super-power or something. I’m now anxiously awaiting the formation of super-power fighting groups and I fully expect their outfits to be FABULOUS!

3) This trailer is a little long, but I couldn’t help laugh every time the narrator said “Teenage Mother” in his thick Boston accent. This guy sounded like he was the type to set up an “accident” if his daughter were to get pregnant to early. Man, the 70’s were a scary time.

4) In my research I have actually come across the real reason for everything bad and awful in the world, it’s Heidi and Spencer, the wanna-be celebrities from The Hills. It’s not bad enough for them to parade around faking that they are being randomly photographed (when every shot is perfectly lit and posed), or to make people want to gouge their eyes out with the Spencer directed music video for Heidi’s already dead music career, but now they want to make a video game about themselves. The only ten minute novelty of this was Spencer mentioned that you could play them or play against them, which means at least in a digital form we all could finally beat the crap out of both of them. I still won’t play it, but I’ll feel a little better knowing someone out there might be delivering Tiger Punch blows just for me.

5) A new treasure trove of hilarious videos was opened up to me yesterday, this is only the first of many to come. The guy who made these re-animated characters from a crazy Japanese game called Touhou, but dropped them into modern day commercials and TV show openings. Diamonds in the rough, they truly are.

6) What’s the best/worst thing that could happen if you are a reporter for Time magazine and you invite George Clooney over to your house for dinner/interview time? He might actually show up!

Clooney Comes to Dinner (thanks, Defamer)

7) They say you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. This certainly holds true for the water that is leaking in the back of my fridge because I can’t really get a horse in the apartment anyway and I am fairly positive it would fit in my fridge, even if I moved that tub of cookie dough we recently bought at Costco.

8) Dominic Monaghan is lost no more (get it? lost? anybody? [crickets chirping]). He has been added to the cast of Wolverine as a character named Beak. Not the manliest sounding character in the world, but I think they’ll somehow still make him cool in the finished product.

9) Let’s pretend for a moment that I actually saw a complete episode of this show when it was on and let’s pretend that the lives of my friends and I revolved around nothing but this for seven years or so. If all that were true, this trailer for Sex and the City would make me excited (unfortunately my imagination is not that good).

Sex and the City trailer (thanks, WWTDD)

10) Obama and Hillary debated last night in Texas and it didn’t end being a grand slam for either candidate, but Obama has the momentum and Hillary badly needed to derail him, which she did not accomplish. My opinion is if Hillary loses either Texas or Ohio in the March 4th primaries, mainly Texas, you can expect her to gracefully walk away from the campaign. The message will be clear by that point. People are tired of politicians looking like they are just playing the part and we want someone who actually feels sincere for the first time in generations. Needless to say, I’m voting for myself. 🙂

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