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Daily Musings 2/29

Posted by goldwriting on February 29, 2008

1 – Let’s start off the day big:


Signed, sealed, delivered. I’m yours, Iron Man. [via Dave]

2 – There is Hollywood wrangling going in the back rooms recently over the fate of the TV hospital of hilarity, Scrubs. The show is produced by ABC Studios and aired by NBC, but the show is said to be in its seventh and final season right now. ABC is rumored to not want to let the show disappear and deals are possibly being given via secret handshake to bring the show over to ABC after this season is over. Evidently the whole cast in on board with the idea of continuing, including leading man Zach Braff who will live on under a contract that makes him one of the highest paid actors on television. NBC claims they have all the rights to whatever the show does and where ever the show goes per a first look deal with ABC Studios and I seriously doubt they will let the ratings earner slip over to Alphabet City. NBC should just send over their new American Gladiators to the ABC network offices. This will all be settled right quick. [via Coming Soon]

3 – Prince Harry did actually go to the front lines in Iraq and fight with his countrymen, but now since the world media has deemed it necessary for us all to know that, Harry is being pulled out for fear his unit will now be targeted specifically to eliminate him. Once again, the news media proves it thinks more about ratings and scooping everyone else than about the safety of those they report about. I bite my thumb at you! [via CNN]

4 – Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is planning to spin-off the character of Cleveland into his own show. I thought I would have more to say about this since I am a huge Family Guy fan, but I really have no idea where that show would go. Somehow I sense lots of socially irreverent humor about him being black, but that’s just a wild guess. [via ComingSoon]

5 – A screenwriter trying to find yet another way to subvert the system and use someone else’s idea for their own benefit has written a sequel to Juno and posted it up on eBay for any studios or producer to bid on. UPDATE: I tried to find this mysterious screenplay so I could laugh at the audacity of the writer, but it is nowhere to be found on eBay anymore. Ah well, the seller probably took it down because they were getting so many bids on it and it was getting in their way of stealing someone else’s work and writing There Will Be More Blood. [via Starpulse]

6 – I’m a fan of tattoos, got four myself, and I can attest to the myth that they are addicting, but this the line has to be drawn somewhere and I feel pretty confident in saying tattooing your eyeball is stepping over that line. [via Asylum]

7 – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls is set to premier at the Cannes Film Festival on May 18. No matter how great the film is, no matter how nostalgic I get watching it, I am still going to hate that title. Both Steven and George deserve a swift kick in the jimmy. [via ComingSoon]

8 – Office dare for the Day: Ask your boss if you can leave for the day to attend the Adult Novelties Expo. (wait, this is a dare? I mean that sounds like a perfectly legit reason for an extended lunch break)

9 – If you haven’t been keeping up with this amazing blog, start now and make each day just a little bit funnier and more demented: [via Garfield minus Garfield]


10 – To round off the morning, here’s another Touhou video, making fun of my favorite PSA commercial of all time:

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