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Daily Musings 3/12

Posted by goldwriting on March 12, 2008

1 – I knew it. I just knew it. [via Swissmiss]


2 – The website has just been launched for the upcoming trigger happy sequel, Punisher: War Zone. I was saddened by the departure of Thomas Jane from this project since I felt he did a stand up job in the first movie, miles better than Dolph Lundgren in the tragic late 80’s version of this urban warfare comic book. On the good side it is directed by Lexi Alexander, who also helmed Green Street Hooligans, a fantastic little film about soccer hooligans and their fist-fightin’ ways. Not much exists on the new website yet, but keep an eye out, the big white skull of the Punisher isn’t going to be hiding in the shadows for much longer. [via ComingSoon]

3 – Dominic Monaghan, who until recently was playing Charlie on Lost, seems to have grown addicted to the wildlife and jungle setting he was used to on the show. Now he is talking about tramping into the jungles of Nigeria to find the Hercules Baboon Spider, reportedly the biggest spider in the world. I think someone needs to sit this boy down and show him Arachnophobia. We all know giant spiders will plot, connive and use their 8-legged wiles to destroy anyone who gets near them. If Bill Pullman barely made it out alive, Dominic doesn’t stand a chance. [via Starpulse]

4 – You can all sit back and rest easy knowing that at any moment of the day, whenever your little heart desires, you can watch the new trailer for Lost Boys: The Tribe. The return of Corey Feldman is a sign that we are back on the right path as a nation and as a people. [via ComingSoon via MTV]

5 – It was nice while it lasted…Ashton Kutcher’s new show Pop Fiction, where he sets up fake media events to punk the paparazzi and gossip outlets, is now embroiled in a legal battle since the concept of the show is strikingly similar to one that Anna Nicole Smith tried to launch with her lawyer, Howard K. Stern. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is actually just part of the show and Ashton is ascending to punk guru status, but we’ll wait for the smoke to clear on this one. [via Perez Hilton]

6 – Why couldn’t they have made Los Angeles into a Foam City? I wonder if it would have caused chemical reactions with all the plastic here already. So sad. [via Josh Spear]

7 – I wonder what the nutritional content of air is for the canine form? I must be missing something. [via Perez Hilton]

8 –  Once again, Garfield Minus Garfield captures brilliance for the day:


9 – Oh no, the sh*t is certainly going to hit the fan here. Michael Bay is in talks to helm the remake of Rosemary’s Baby. You thought that child was evil before, wait until he’s armed with 2 shoulder mounted rocket launchers, 3 cans of napalm and a bio-genetic weapon deadly enough to take out a large city. (I’m buying pre-ordering tickets the moment they announce Nick Cage will be playing the baby). [via FilmDrunk]

10 –  I don’t even know what to write about this, but the summary is the parents of a severely retarded girl had her undergo a number of operations to effectively stop her from growing and physically keep her a child for the rest of her life. I tried wrapping my mind around the ethical and moral issues of this, then I heard a popping noise and suddenly forgot where I was born. [via CNN]

4 Responses to “Daily Musings 3/12”

  1. Bernadette said

    Re: No 3 — He is an idiot. I hope the giant spider eats him. *shudder*

    I wish Sony would drop super balls in LA! That would be awesome…walking down the street, all the sudden you’re surrounded by hundreds of bouncing super balls…then again, it might also hurt a bit. oh well. It would be worth it.

    No 9 – LOL!

    No 10 – I heard the same pop. What is that?

  2. Luke said

    I would love to be wandering around in the streets of LA when a deluge of super-bouncy balls rained from the sky. I might actually be convinced I had been transported to heaven, since we all know that everything in heaven bounces. It’s a biblical fact.

    The popping noise is our logical cortex in our brains. After reading the original article and suffering the mental damage, I suddenly thought Paris Hilton was an intelligent and creative person. Luckily my insurance covered the surgery to fix it.

  3. Bernadette said

    Biblical fact huh? Did your Jesus Tom Brady tell you that?

    I don’t have insurance! Arggg!

  4. Luke said

    Many people have renounced the Church of Brady after the Super Bowl, but I still keep the faith. I believe next season he will toss the pigskin across the sky and the clouds will part. The Archangel Michael (not Michael Vick, we all know where that boy is going) will not only bring out his trumpet, but he’ll play Taps and the world will dance.

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