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Daily Musings 3/14

Posted by goldwriting on March 14, 2008

1 – This parody of the creation of early 80’s video games is pretty spot on. I almost thought I was watching a documentary instead of a spoof. Best line: “Oh f*ck, she’s not even there. I’m totally freakin’ out, man.” [via GorillaMask via Cracked]

2 – This is the latest video from a hilariously disturbed team of people. I have already ordered 9 cases of Rawberry, so everyone in the lower California area, be warned. [via TCritic]

3 – Some people are not letting Marion Cottilard off the hook for her 9/11 conspiracy comments. Now one of those jeering voices is asking for her to be stripped of her Oscar saying:

“Marion Cotillard proves to be just another idiot lefty-actor and ugly French woman trashing America”

Wow, powerful argument there from Pastor Robert Westman, although let me take a few shots at debunking his argument. First, he is a Pastor and he is defending his opinion with terms like ‘idiot lefty-actor’ and ‘ugly French woman’. Where do I sign up for his church of hope and positive energy? Next, he is the leader of a family watchdog group called Options, which I can find absolutely nothing on. The lack of easy to find web information on any group instantly means they are extremists and nuts (see how I jump to conclusions about people, almost like judging someones intelligence because they are French, ironyyyyyy…). So we will all sleep well tonight knowing that our moral outrages are being well handled by the offensive and hypocritical of our great nation. [via Starpulse]

4 – If you are a sneakers fan, you might want to look into this new treasure hunt being sponsored by Nike in promotion for their new exclusive line. It’s going on in seven cities, but one of them is here in super sunny Los Angeles, so get your cell phone cameras out and put on your Indiana Jones hat. It’s time to hunt the elusive Kicks of Destiny. [via Josh Spear]

5 – Jim Carrey took on yet another role the other night while promoting his new movie, Horton Hears a Who?. He showed up to American Idol dressed as an elephant and then posed in the waiting area as if he was one of the twelve finalists. I can honestly say this is one of the only times I wished I has seen that show. [via Starpulse]

6 – This kindly older couple, Fred and Sharon, appeared all over the net a week or so ago. Here is the latest is the steady stream of creepier and creepier videos promoting their personal production company. I wonder if we can get him to produce film reviews for Sexman? It’ll be like chocolate and peanut butter, peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and the roof of a dog’s mouth… [via FilmDrunk]

7 – Damn you Facebook for allowing yet another addicting application to be tossed at me by non-physical contact friends. Knighthood is the fantasy, ex-D&D playing, super-nerd drug of choice in the online networking world. I’m a Knight already, that’s right. Feel the power.

8 – Ever sit back and wonder how all the evil villains of the world come up with such insanely intricate plans? Flowcharts, that’s how. It the secret ingredient to all the great successes of the world. Try one for yourself. I’ll give you ten dollars if you’re not the new dictator of a small third world country by noon. [via Cracked via GorillaMask]

9 – Take The Color of Money, switch Paul Newman for Burt Reynolds, switch Tom Cruise for some newbie, switch Mary Elizabeth Masterantonio for Shannon Elizabeth, switch the game of pool for poker, take out all the incredibly good music like Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon, oh, let’s not forget switch out Martin Scorsese for anyone else. One you have made all these glaring mistakes and horrible choices, now you a new movie called Deal. Well done, people. [via FilmDrunk]

10 – Evidently today is “Pi” day. Now before you start writing in to tell me my spelling is off and gorging yourself on gooey slices of that cherry pie sitting on that nice, old lady’s windowsill, I didn’t spell anything wrong (at least not there). This is the day to celebrate the mathematical number Pi, which translates out to 3.14blahblablahblahblah forever. Those math guys need a holiday too, seriously, get up out of your cubicle and walk around for a bit. If you do, I’ll get you some pie, the real one this time. [via swissmiss]

4 Responses to “Daily Musings 3/14”

  1. erin said

    i think the treasure hunt thing was just for san paolo. =( i looked online. plus, those shoes have been out in LA since mid feb. que triste. ohwell. neat idea though!!

  2. Luke said

    I sit corrected. I guess the Los Angeles launch of the shoes already took place. I guess that just means we have a larger treasure hunt to take part in. My first guess for the locations of the shoes is… San Paolo!

  3. Bernadette said

    Musings are well done! The video game parody and powerthirst clips were hilarious. I think I could use some Rawberry too. I think stripping Cotillard of her Oscar is insane.

    Mostly, I LOVED the flowcharts. I need one for my world domination plan in which all women will become my slaves (not the dirty kind, the kind that do what i say and build me things).

  4. Luke said

    My favorite part of the Powerthirst is “power spawning babies. You’ll have 400 BABIES!” then giving them sockalate so they’ll be as fast as KENYANS!! Genius. Just plain genius.

    Flowcharts do have an amazing simplicity to them. If I ever can’t decide, I can look to the ‘Indecision’ box and move along. It’s like living life inside of a ‘choose your own adventure’ book.

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