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Make the time to listen to this: A More Perfect Union

Posted by goldwriting on March 18, 2008

Here’s the video of Obama’s most recent speech. If we don’t elect him as our new President, it will be a national tragedy.

6 Responses to “Make the time to listen to this: A More Perfect Union”

  1. Fr. J. said

    Yes, it was a gutsy speech. But, it was the speech he has been avoiding all along. He was forced into it. And, I dont find it convincing.

    Obama used an emotional device to get the listener to stop thinking. “I will not disown” This language gets us to feel an emotional bond. But, emotional bonds to people with wicked thoughts and who teach lies and falsehoods are dangerous.

    Obama ought to disown this man, not yesterday, but 20 years ago. Obama upon hearing that Klannish thinking should have run the other way.

    But, Obama held on to Wright and Trinity because they were his tie to a black community he had never been a part of. Obama, from an elite prep school in Hawaii and Harvard, was looking for street cred in the hood. He has used Wright for 20 years. And, this is just as evil as the words of Wright himself.

  2. Luke said

    I have to respectfully disagree to parts of your comment.

    Yes, he was definitely avoiding coming out to make this speech because it is a volatile topic and he has run his campaign largely on a platform avoiding the race card instead of employing it. So to combat this particular issue it had to be done delicately so there is admission that race is an issue in this campaign, but expand it beyond the road to the White House and remind everyone that it is an issue for the whole country.

    No, running from his pastor would not have been the right choice. One of the things I felt he was also trying to impress is people are not perfect, they are never 100% one thing or another. We are all a combination and culmination of events, environments, opinions and teachings, even before we start to think for ourselves. Yes, his former pastor has some incorrect opinions on things, but does that make everything he says wrong? Does that invalidate any truths Obama learned from him previous to those outrageous speeches? If we try to hold everyone to the ruler of absolute perfection we doom ourselves to solitude, not to mention a delusion that we ourselves are perfect. Also, if we run away and cut off all communications and dialogue with people who have objectionable opinions, how do we expect to teach them the other side of the equation? Where is progress?

  3. Fr. J. said

    Who said anything about a ruler of perfection? I didn’t. No, I would like to hold this Rev. to a minimal rule of not being a lier and not fomenting racial hatreds. This is a pretty low standard.

    I also did not say Obama should run from his pastor now. That would be phony. But, if he had had good judgment 20 years ago, he would have run.

  4. Luke said

    Well, who knows whether his pastor was making such loud and vitriolic statements 20 years ago. People definitely have a tendency to change and maybe the Reverend has changed for the worse.

  5. Fr. J. said


    With all respect, what you have said is not an argument. It seems you have an emotional attachment and are willing to defend Obama to the end without regard for facts. This is a real problem. Politics cannot be about emotional attachments to politicians who will let you down all the time. Rather, politics are about upholding your principles with passion. Barak is now a real disappointment, but for many their attachment to the man is clouding their vision.

  6. Luke said

    It’s true we obviously differ on our opinions of Obama and his actions, but I don’t feel I am defending him purely emotionally or without facts. In many situations like this it truly comes on both sides as a guessing game because neither side can really know the true intentions behind these politicians actions, today or 20 years ago. With the facts I have seen on both sides of the Democratic debate (not ours, but the one being waged on TV) I haven’t seen enough facts to lead me to believe Obama is being disingenuous, which is unfortunately the feeling I get from Hillary. I actually believe more in McCain and his honesty, over Hillary, even though I don’t agree with what he is being honest about.

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