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Daily Musings 3/19

Posted by goldwriting on March 19, 2008

1 – We are constantly fighting for truth in advertising, but now I think we should join in with the creators of this video and fight for truth in R&B songs. Take a listen, the truth is out there and it’s coming for you! [via GorillaMask via College Humor]

2 – Just the other day I posted the video on the crazy karate monkey, now this creepily human robot. I would say I was moving to Canada because most creatures in the movies can’t survive in the cold, but this shows the robot not only successfully navigating through snow, but handling ice patches and stopping itself from slipping. We’ve gone too far people. The moment I hear someone utter the word ‘Skynet’ I am buying a boat and living on it somewhere in the ocean. [via Dave]

3 – The heat of the Democratic race is not only exciting in a political sense, but also in a comedic sense. Obama and Hillary have provided weekly prime juice for SNL to riff on and daily segments for shows like The Daily Show and Colbert Report. Now Steven Colbert, the hunter of the truthiness behind it all, is taking things to a new level by actually picking up his show and moving it to Pennsylvania for the next primary election. According to the article, he will be calling his political segments: “The Colbert Report: Doritos’s Spicy Sweet Pennsylvania Primary Coverage From Chili-delphia — the City of Brotherly Crunch!” I know there is another word for “perfect”, but why bother searching for it. [via Variety]

4 – Rumblings of scared nerds and geeks can be heard after an interview with Guillermo Del Toro discovered that he is still in negotiations to direct the upcoming Hobbit prequels for The Lord of the Rings series. Many thought this was a done deal already and the word “negotiations” instantly brings up fears that can only be named Ratner and McG. Warner Brothers needs to give Del Toro a blank check and beg him to officially attach himself. After that, I think offering him a nice, tall glass of lemonade will seal the deal. Works for me. [via ComingSoon]

5 – He made it to the year 2001, but not to his sequel, 2010. Arthur C. Clarke died at 90 years old. Science fiction fans all over the world owe him a great debt and movie fans owe him as well for collaborating with Stanley Kubrick on the classic sci-fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Anyone who has seen that film, and many who haven’t, will forever be untrustful of talking computers, especially ones that wake up from sleep mode saying, “Hello, Dave.” (whoever did that to my computer in college is a mean and twisted person. Grr…) [via CNN]

6 – The teaser site is up for Dreamwork’s upcoming animation spectacular Monsters vs. Aliens.My interest is peaked for this due to two reasons: 1) What is holy cinema heaven is ‘Ultimate 3D’? If they are changing exactly what the third dimension is in the equation, I’m going to need a towel, some peanuts and a lot of beer before watching this movie. 2) Look at the cast list! Hugh Laurie, Stephen Colbert, Seth Rogan, Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Will Arnett, Kiefer Sutherland and Rainn Wilson. I’m getting the giggles just thinking about Stephen Colbert and Paul Rudd trading puns. [via ComingSoon]

7 – Battlestar Galactica fans might be holding back the tears right now knowing this upcoming season is the end of the space road for the hit Sci-Fi channel show, but super-geeks (I myself am one for this show) take heart because Sci-Fi just greenlit the backdoor pilot of “Caprica”, a two-hour prequel to the show depicting life on the planet before the Cylons blew it to smithereens. I hearby label this news: Uber-Nifty. [via ComingSoon]

8 – Best Buy is pulling out some major marketing gumption by offering $50 gift cards to anyone that bought HD-DVD players there or accessories since that format has handily lost the format war to Sony’s Blu-Ray DVD. I don’t remember rebates being offered as Beta sadly crawled into the street after it’s beatdown by the cheaper and not nearly as high quality VHS format. Yet, like I said, it’s a brilliant move since all those people now have a reason to return to Best Buy to once again place themselves on the forefront of the home theater experience. I’m gonna bet someone in the Geek Squad thought it up. Those dude’s are smart. [via CNN]

9 – I’ve never played hockey. I am not Canadian. That being said, I could’ve stopped this puck: [via WithLeather]

10 – In my quest to find things that make me laugh I came across AmazingSuperPowers. Here is just a little taste of their weirdness: (also, if you jump to their homepage, please verify for me that the worm is moving. I’m afraid I might be having flashbacks…) [via CollegeHumor]


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3 Responses to “Daily Musings 3/19”

  1. Bernadette said

    That robot thing creeped me out! Can I live with you when you take to the sea?

  2. Luke said

    I think all the voices in my head will be jealous of not being the only conversation, but sure, there’s plenty of room on the ship for you. I make a mean plate of scrambled eggs, so make sure to steal a hen on your way over.

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