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Daily Musings 3/20

Posted by goldwriting on March 20, 2008

1 – Foamy’s back, the ranting and raving squirrel, and this time he’s musical! I think I feel a record deal coming. [via Ill Will Press]

2 – Can someone please animate this guy a hug? [via Garfield Minus Garfield]


3 – Somewhere underneath this scary, furry face is that of Benecio Del Toro. These are the first full shots of him for his upcoming role as The Wolfman. My only real hope for the movie is at some point the wolfman stands alone on the top of a cliff, basking under the moonlit sky, mumbling to himself. Then someone walks up to him and asks him to speak more clearly, at which point he replies, “Hand me the keys, you f*ckin’s c*cks*cker”. [via FilmDrunk]

4 – If one thing is going right in this world it is the reports about the new Street Fighter movie. They have more secured casting details, which easily the highlight of is Kristen Kreuk as Chun-Li, but the more important news is the story will surround her character. The other players in the game will be antagonists or side characters to help her along. Maybe it’s because Kreuk is unexplainably adorable, maybe it’s because I thought Chun-Li was the most fun character to play in the game, or maybe there are deep seeded issues at work. Either way, I grin mightily. Here she is, by the way, in case you don’t know who I’m talking about: [via ComingSoon]


5 – L. Scooter Libby has now been officially disbarred from practicing law in Washington D.C.. I dream of a world where this is only the beginning of people in the Bush/Cheney camp being held accountable for the laws they have continuously flouted during the eight years of ineptitude we’ve suffered through as a country. Karma’s a bitch, Libby. [via CNN]

6 – Celebrating the five year anniversary of the Iraq War, our present to ourselves is the new low for Bush’s approval rating. I would have been happier if this benchmark of his stupidity was brought about sooner, since it is not uncommon for an outgoing president to have low ratings, or that of one who has led us into a deadly and unwinnable war (Lyndon Johnson suffered the same drop during the Vietnam war, remember how that one ended?) So here’s my virtual birthday card: “Happy Birthday, Iraq War! P.S. I never liked you. And I stole this card so I didn’t even spend money on you.” [via CNN]

7 – Is this ad for VW trying to say that this isn’t how the internet really works? My dreams are being crushed. Single tear… [via swissmiss]

8 – I actually think this is a little piece of brilliance. You can hire this company, MethodIzaz, to basically stalk you, grabbing artistic shots of you that involve no posing or staging. They try to capture the real person in their most relaxed and true state. It’s a great photographic experiment, my only problem is they are staged in New York, so I imagine my fee for hiring them to come out here would be rather large. Ah well, if you live in the NY area, check them out. [via swissmiss]

9 – This list has an amazing collection of typography videos done to major speeches in films. I had a little trouble with all the videos working properly, but here’s one I captured over just to give you a taste: [via GorillaMask via AlwaysWatching]

10 – Unfortunately I found this a little late in the game, but there are still a few days for people to participate. Please check the home website for The Tap Project to see if there is a restaurant near you participating. If not, you can also just donate directly to the cause. Seriously, one dollar to you is over a month of clean drinking water for someone else. You probably made at least a dollar at your job just reading this blog today. [via Uncrate]

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3 Responses to “Daily Musings 3/20”

  1. Bernadette said

    what movie was that in no. 9?

  2. Luke said

    That was from “Kill Bill: Volume 1” in the Lucy Liu scene early on.

  3. erin said


    did i ever mention to you that i always thought my elementary school best friend reminds me of kristin kreuk? (or rather, the other way around) except with brown eyes. and i think kristin kreuk is tall. haha. but her face! lol.

    #7, i love it.

    #8, i think that’d be pretty cool, too! well. i’m conflicted actually. I think it’d be really cool, but also slightly creepy. but cool! … but kinda creepy. gah. see?

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