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Daily Musings 3/24

Posted by goldwriting on March 24, 2008

1 – Sometimes, no matter how badly you want it, you just can’t make a show popular. Fans of the CBS show Jericho have failed once again to keep the show afloat. After it’s cancellation during it’s first season, a grassroots campaign was started where the fans shipped thousands of pounds of nuts to the CBS offices in protest. It was publicized loudly enough to make CBS bring the show back based on that outpouring of support, but sadly the show is once again being canceled after it’s return season. Those fans will no have no favorite show to watch and get to sit in silence thinking of all the hungry kids they could have fed with their obsessive TV fanatic gestures. [via Starpulse]

2 – For all the fans of the original Mario Brothers, this is a beautiful representation of the frustration from hunting down the ever elusive princess. [via CollegeHumor]

3 – In one of the most publicized, criticized and fervent Democratic races in history, Bill Richardson, one the early choices for candidacy, has now lent his support to Obama, even though he was once a cabinet member during Bill Clinton’s run in office. It’s another big push for Obama and hopefully an early sign of more prominent Democrats joining together to try and end the divisive race we have going. The Republicans are completely rallied behind McCain and the longer this battle rages on the harder it will be to get the country unified behind the Democratic candidate, which at this point is all but solidly in Obama’s hands. [via CNN]

4 – When a cornflake sells for $1,350, we have reached a new level of stupid as species. [via CNN]

5 – This trailer for Stone’s War is brilliant for three reasons: First, it’s a movie about WWII Nazi Zombies (instant cool factor). Second, it doesn’t have any dialogue and neglects to even bring in the zombie element until half way through. Lastly, and most importantly, hell, who needs a title card? You don’t need to know the name of the film to believe it will be great, right? [via FilmDrunk]

6 – Some things you should just never look at: [via CollegeHumor]


7 – Nothing shows that you really mean it like a full court skate to the other goalie, who happens to be completely uninvolved in the brawl, and pummeling the crap out of him. This video shows ridiculous hockey violence in any language is still just ridiculous. [via WithLeather]

8 – I only scored 6/8 this week on the Filmwise quiz. Muy triste.

9 – People with this level of patience and talent make me feel very, very lazy. [via Josh Spear]

10 – I am sad I didn’t know about this contest before, but I am putting it in my calendar next year. I will be a finalist in next years Peep Show awards!!! [via Defamer]

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2 Responses to “Daily Musings 3/24”

  1. Bernadette said

    i don’t understand the point of the goalie getting involved, let alone beating up the other goalie. hockey is weird. why fight at all? i don’t get it.

    peep show! those were so cool!

    WWII Nazi Zombie…..ummm….really?

  2. Luke said

    I think the goalie just felt left out, plus he’s got the most padding on, so if anyone’s gotta fight, let it be the guys who are practically in sumo suits.

    The Peep Show is going down next year. I swear I am going to blow people’s minds. Just you wait.

    I’m waiting for Revolutionary War Zombies: Part 1 – The Colonials. 🙂

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