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Conspiracies to Cartoon Madness: A Day in the Life of…(3/27)

Posted by goldwriting on March 27, 2008

1 – For all those fans of conspiracy theories, which made you instant fans of The X-Files, new details have come out about the sequel feature film coming this summer on July 25. My hopes is it turns out Mulder is an alien and he’s a sleeper agent that when tripped becomes a eight armed ninja creature with a distinct lisp. Then I could tell all those people who made fun of me when it was on the air, “Ha! I told you so!” [via Starpulse]

2 – I’m all about getting into a dialogue with the fans and defending your stance on your take on the finished product, but Steve Brill, the beleaguered director brought in for the much debated reshoots of Fanboys, has taken his online toe-to-toe with angry fans a bit far. One small step over the line and this dude becomes Uwe Boll and no one wants to see that happen. [via FilmDrunk]

3 – I’ve finally found it, my dream house. Once I get the comfy chairs set up, you’re all invited for my inaugural Christian Slater marathon, featuring back-to-back screenings or Gleaming the Cube, Pump Up the Volume and Heathers. You bring the cherry slushi’s. [via FilmSchoolRejects]


4 – Helping to end my depression from watching the sadly cancelled show Firefly, more casting news has been announced for Joss Whedon’s next show, Dollhouse, co-starring Eliza Dushku (a re-pairing from the Buffy days of yore). This is one show I am not going to let slip by me. The TiVo is armed and ready. [via ComingSoon]

5 – There are a lot of people who either love or hate the media and charity powerhouse we know as Oprah, but I have never heard someone refer to her as anti-biblical until today. Let’s chalk another mark on the board under “Reasons to find religious fervency incredibly silly”. [via Starpulse]

6 – Florida, only the sixth state to do so, just passed a resolution to officially apologize for the practice of slavery in it’s state history. I’m glad that Florida stepped up to do this, but it makes me wonder about other states that are sitting around thinking, “No way. What should we be sorry for? You mean there was something wrong with that?” Could ignorance still be that prevalent in our government? Oh…wait…I forgot who our President is. I sit corrected. [via CNN]

7 – Dr. Pepper is throwing down the fizzy gauntlet and promising to give out a free can of their drink to everyone in America. Oh, but wait, their catch is almost completely impossible. You see, they will fulfill this promise only if the ten-years-in-the-making album Chinese Democracy from Guns ‘N’ Roses actually comes out sometime during 2008. Someone please contact the marketing department of Dr. Pepper and deliver a quick round of backhand slaps to each of them. Thanks. [via LBN Report]

8 – Oh please let someone shoot this down with a “reality gun” before it comes to the theaters. Rumors are flying that the next Terminator movie will be effectively ruined by the title, Terminator: The Return of the Terminator. McG, if this comes to fruition you will be officially reclassified from idiot to anti-christ. I hope the sash fits nicely. [via FilmDrunk]

9 – It’s a sad day for those who actually wake up in time to get breakfast under the golden arches. Herb Peterson, the official inventor of the Egg McMuffin, has passed away. I was not only sad about this because of the loss of a human life, but also because it crushed my fantasy that the tasty breakfast treat was created during a rather boisterous and jolly board meeting in with Mayor McCheese and his staff. Single tear… [via CNN]

10 – Jon’s descent into madness in three frame format. Priceless. [via Garfield Minus Garfield]


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