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R.E.M. to Raving: A Day in the life of… (3/31)

Posted by goldwriting on March 31, 2008

1 – It’s been years since music fans have gotten to chant these three letters: R.E.M., but our time has come once again. One of the most integral bands to the 90’s music scene is back with their first studio album since 2004, called Accelerate. Bring it on, Stipe. We’ve been waiting. [via Starpulse]

2 – Wanna meet the new face behind the hockey-masked psycho Jason Voorhees? Not surprisingly, I’m just as freaked out by the guy without any make up on him. This is purely typecasting at it’s best. [via ComingSoon]

3 – It was bound to happen someday. This year marks the first time in NCAA history since the seeding of teams began that all the #1 teams have reached the final four. So all you betting pool players who thought your facts, figures and years of watching college basketball was going to help, you just got pwned. Badly. [via With Leather]

4 – The talks are moving forward for Jerry Bruckheimer to bring back The Lone Ranger. Something tells me he’ll be carrying a bigger gun this time. Or a stuffed bunny. Or it’ll all take place on an island. God, I’m so depressed about this. [via Starpulse]

5 – Once again we have proven armchair protesters just don’t measure up to anything outside their virtual self-imposed kingdoms. At what should have been the peak of months of online flame wars directed at Harvey Weinstein and his handling of Fanboys, a super Star Wars geek protest was organized to try and ruin the opening weekend of Harvey’s other movie Superhero Movie. This landmark statement and declaration of support for their cult indie phenom ended up becoming little more than a dozen kids at one theater getting scared off by two security guards. At another theater one man stood alone in a Darth Vader costume. I’m almost moved to tears by their sheer dedication to the cause. It’s inspiring. I might even create a painting to memorialize it, but that would involve me moving from my chair, which is really a huge hurdle it seems. [via FilmDrunk]

6 – Can we think of any other completely loved and classic films to remake and ruin? Madonna is running around town trying to kick her way back onto the silver screen with a proposed remake of Casablanca. Look, just because it is widely recognized as the greatest movie of all time does not mean remaking it with you in the lead will bring you anything but criticism, villainy and a one way ticket out of Hollywood forever. This idea has launched itself up the flagpole and is waving proudly in the wind as the Worst Idea of All Time. [via Starpulse]

7 – I think this ref might actually be a ninja. [via GorillaMask via College Pork]

8 – There are things in life that we know we do better than anyone else. This video montage of the 20 Best Karate Kicks in Movie History proves the land of the kick is owned and lorded over by none other than Jean-Claude Van Damme. Also, keep your eyes open for the amazing inclusion of Gymkata and Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky, both absolute must see films. [via GorillaMask via Liquid Generation]

9 – This is what you can expect people’s reaction to be when they find out the actual answers to Lost. [via Pandachute]

10 – I always expect to see this happening when I look over the fence into someones back yard. Oh, I’m pretty sure this kid’s feet are biometric additions to his body. This is proof of government testing in order to make the one and only, Perfect Raver! [via Pandachute]

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