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Aliens to Alienation: A Day in the life of…(4/7)

Posted by goldwriting on April 7, 2008

1 – The true secret to this interview about the existence of aliens is the fact it seems to be done inside a Wal-Mart, which coincidentally is where all people who believe in aliens go to shop. I think it’s because we believe that little rollback smiley is a captured alien creature from aisle 51. [via Pandachute]

2 – Coming to a town hall or public fairground near you, the return of Warrant! If they toss in free cotton candy with the ticket price, i’m there. [via Starpulse]

3 – Everytime I see pictures like this of crazy house designs, especially floating ones, I feel like completely redecorating my room. Then I get distracted by something shiny and forget what I was thinking about. [via JoshSpear]

4 – I’m going to hire a private investigator to make sure these people aren’t watching me. This is like looking in the mirror: [via Garfield Minus Garfield]

5 – I really think I could watch a whole movie just about Scrat, but I suppose they need more star voices to boost the budget, especially since Scrat basically has no voice. If he did really speak, I’m sure it would sound like Pauly Shore and I’d be hugely disappointed. Either way, here’s a link to the new Ice Age 3 trailer. [via FilmDrunk]

6 – Clinton’s top strategist has stepped down from her campaign amid a huge number of public blunders and fights inside the team. The latest one covering his appearance in meetings about a Free Trade agreement with Columbia. I’m no political guru, but this is only the latest in a line of people stepping down, removing themselves or being let go from the Clinton campaign. Not exactly the sign of a strong team. [via CNN]

7 – Do know what you are really saying when those cute catch phrases come out of your mouth? Check in with this article on and you just might be surprised what you find out. Turns out, you actually got married in third grade. Seriously. [via Gorilla Mask via Cracked]

8 – Want to stop the TV from being the focal point of your living room? Want to seem more cultured while still being able to check in on which WWE wrestler is currently smashing an audience member with a chair? The solution to your social ailments is here. Personally, I think the perfect touch is to use this product with a nice velvet printing of those dogs playing poker, but on mine you can totally see the bloodhound is cheating. I never trusted those dogs. [via swissmiss]

9 – How many times in your life do you get to read the phrase, “Raise your hands and step away from the Hedgehog.“? Those are days when you are happy to wake up in this weird and wacky world. [via CNN]

10 – I think there are people in this world who need a little reminder lesson in the meaning of the word Respect, so here you go, please make note cards so you can keep the meanings fresh in your mind:

1. a particular, detail, or point (usually prec. by in): to differ in some respect.
2. relation or reference: inquiries with respect to a route.
3. esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person, a personal quality or ability, or something considered as a manifestation of a personal quality or ability: I have great respect for her judgment.
4. deference to a right, privilege, privileged position, or someone or something considered to have certain rights or privileges; proper acceptance or courtesy; acknowledgment: respect for a suspect’s right to counsel; to show respect for the flag; respect for the elderly.
5. the condition of being esteemed or honored: to be held in respect.
6. respects, a formal expression or gesture of greeting, esteem, or friendship: Give my respects to your parents.
7. favor or partiality.
8. Archaic. a consideration.

–verb (used with object)

9. to hold in esteem or honor: I cannot respect a cheat.
10. to show regard or consideration for: to respect someone’s rights.
11. to refrain from intruding upon or interfering with: to respect a person’s privacy.
12. to relate or have reference to.

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