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Desktop Art to Devious subtext: A Day in the life of…(4/9)

Posted by goldwriting on April 9, 2008

1 – I like new stuff. Even more, I like new stuff that I don’t have to work to get, so coming across Desktopia is kinda like a godsend. It’s a program that you can load onto you Mac or PC for free and it will randomly rotate your desktop background image through an ongoing series of cool artwork, photography and the like. Oh, lastly this really helps when you you have no real taste in art and your background picture is the default sunset shot from Mac Classic. It’s time to upgrade your visual experience, people! [via JoshSpear via Desktopia]

2 – First there is the Dr. Pepper contest where everyone in the country will get a free can if this actually happens this year, but now Guns ‘N’ Roses fearless leader Axl Rose is supposedly in talks to have a reality show document the release of the decade-in-waiting album Chinese Democracy. Honestly, the hype on this thing is going to have to be huge to even get people to care anymore. It’s been ten years! The people who were fans of the old stuff have kids now, those kids might even in their own bands by now! [via Starpulse]

3 – I’ve seen some Star Wars rap videos before, but this one definitely put more work into it and it pays off. How much do you think it would cost to have George Lucas release this instead of anymore of his awful prequels? [via Film School Rejects]

4 – Uwe Boll, the deformed and defunct mind behind some of the worst films in decades, has filmed a response to the online petition to oust him from the movie making business forever. He randomly said in an interview if 1 million people signed a petition asking him to stop than he would do it, but now he wants a new petition, another 1 million people, to sign on saying that he is the best director in the world. He continually mentions himself as a “genius”, but after some careful research and numerous blows to my head with a cinder block, I still can’t put “genius” and Uwe Boll together in any relationship other than “complete opposites”. Enjoy the ego: [via FilmDrunk]

5 – For those of you still feeling a lingering sense of anger and disgust over the YouTube video of a US Marine throwing a helpless puppy over a cliff in Iraq, well now you can exact a little virtual retribution in this flash animation game. Now you are the puppy and you get to toss the soldier into a chasm of landmines, spiky bits and other nasties. Karma is a bitch. [via GorillaMask via HumorFreak]

6 – John Cleese desperately wants to write speeches for Barack Obama. This could be a dream come true for me, since this really writes itself. Barack just needs to walk out on the debate stage in front of Clinton and McCain and say, “And now for something completely different…” End of show, Obama 08! [via Starpulse]

7 – This is my first LOLCat creation. I hope you other muppet geeks out there will appreciate it:

8 – Cross Mortal Kombat with Moby Dick and you get this. Mixing is fun. [via CollegeHumor]

9 – Office Dare of the Day: Wink at someone in the elevator then tap your nose knowingly. (added bonus for then saying, “This thing. Single gayest thing you’ve ever done.”) [Dare via Loncraine Broxton, Bonus via Me]

10 – Sometimes you might wonder what the Presidents are really trying to say in their famous speeches, but luckily we have articles like this to help us translate. [via CollegeHumor]

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