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Digital debate to Deity debate: A day in the life of…(4/14)

Posted by goldwriting on April 14, 2008

1 – Here is the proof we all needed to believe that the printer in our home computer set-up is always a douchebag and doesn’t want to play nice with the rest of the network. [via College Humor]

2 – Yep, my life has gotten to the extreme height where someone could say to me, “You know what? A blind dude could play golf better than you?” And they would be right. So, so right. [via With Leather]

3 – I want to write into this pleasingly simple company and help them come up with more medical aid packs, like “help I’ve lost my way” and inside you find a compass and ten little sayings from various spiritual texts, or “help I can’t find the princess” and inside would be a pocket sized walk through to Super Mario Brothers. Gotta help people find those warp zones, man. [via JoshSpear]

4 – Helping to turn the tide on SNL, Ashton Kutcher actually showed up in good form over the weekend and took part in a number of funny skits, but per the tradition of the last couple of months, the show felt it’s high moment when Kristen Wiig showed once again that she is the most dedicated cast member on the show. Her characters are always completely over the edge, but gratefully she never lets go or breaks which helps push the comedy even father. Check out this clip from Weekend Update where she appears as the uncomfortably nervous travel reporter, Judy Grimes. [via Hulu]

5 – Evidently Kobe Bryant jumped a car for a commercial stunt. Here’s a video of what it would have looked like had he not succeeded. Honestly, I was not ready for what happened. [via GorillaMask via 13gb]

6 – I felt bad enough when I was a kid and lacked the skill or coordination to ride a real skateboard, but now the youth of today decided it was time to show off once again by proving their oodles and oodles of talent on invisible skateboards. Well good for you kids, I’ll just be over here building my invisible model of Westminster Abbey from invisible Popsicle sticks. Ow, oh god, ow, invisible brain freeze… [via GorillaMask via EJB]

7 – Someone with a lot of time and a high tolerance for vulgarity decided to create a montage of every use of the word “F*CK” in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. It’s funny because you can almost tell the plot of the whole movie this way. [via GorillaMask via Waxy]

8 – The Invisibles Quiz this week was obviously built to make me feel like I have never seen a movie in my life. I got 3 out of 8. If you need to find me for the next week, please send comments to Luke c/o Netflix or Local Theater. [via Filmwise]

9 – This trailer for the documentary American Teen pulls all the right strings, heartwarming, earnest, clique-filled, heroic, etc. I was fully on board up until the very last shot after the title card. Seriously, awkwardly funny and just plain awkward are two totally different things and that shot falls badly on the wrong side of the line. [via FilmDrunk]

10 – For those of you who watch the Compassion Forum on CNN with Obama and Clinton (McCain declined the invitation), I really have only one main issue with the whole discussion. It was plainly an avenue for the Democratic Party to reach out to those faith-based voters that have traditional fallen under the umbrella of the Republican Party. With that goal in mind this was a great success and a valiant effort, but in order to not shun or scare the moderate or non-faith-based voting block the forum was emblazoned with the moniker of “Compassion”. Here’s the sticky part. Too many people are still under the opinion that you have to be religious to be compassionate. That you have to be hearing the voice of a god, any god, telling you to be nice to someone or treat them with a decent level of respect. Obama lightly teased that idea when he said we were not just a Christian nation, but a Jewish nation, a Hindu nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation and an Atheist nation or a nation of non-believers. The fact is I can walk up to someone and treat them with every ounce of respect that I have in my body and mind and act only out of the belief that it is the right thing to do, not because a random deity has directed me to do so. Compassion should be universal, religious doctrine should not.

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