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Marketing sex to Meteor strike: A day in the life of…(4/18)

Posted by goldwriting on April 18, 2008

1 – In an interesting move to test the claim that the internet is killing TV ratings, the CW network has removed the ability to watch new episodes of their tawdry teen smash Gossip Girl. They were seeing hundreds of thousands of streams from their website and they want to see if they can push those people back to the airwaves, where the ad revenues I imagine are significantly higher. Truth be told, they keep planting billboards around town showing what looks to be something from Skin-a-max (see below), people are going to watch where ever they can find a seat and some privacy. [via IMDB via Hollywood Reporter]

2 – You might have heard from various news outlets that an art student at Yale was planning a senoir project in which she artificially inseminated herself and then manufactured forced miscarriages as a statement between art and a womans body. There has been widespread debate over whether this is real, a planned hoax, a continuing battle between the student and the university, or just another person trying to prove how quickly the media jumps all over new and shocking topics. In my opinion, she’s bluffing about the whole thing. I’m in total agreement that there is no way she could handle the continued mental and physical trauma that would come from numerous miscarriages. I also agree that she has stepped over that line between expressionist art and blatant emotional manipulation. Congratulations, you have now taken art expressionism one more step backwards in the eyes of the public. [via Perez]

3 – After the tantalizing preview pic of Scarlett from the live action G.I.Joe flick, now we can ogle at the rubber and neoprene clothing covering the entire main cast. We can feel pretty sure no one will die in this movie because I don’t even think air can get through these outfits. [via WWTDD]

4 – The heart wrenching and destructive legal battle is over, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Pinkberry is now officially a frozen yogurt. Saints be praised! [via Defamer via laeater]

5 – (Countdown clock started until George Lucas decides to sue the makers of this film). [via Defamer via YouTube]

6 – This is the sequel we have all been waiting for, clamoring for, begging the studios and the independants alike to tackle and bring out to the masses. Feast your eyes on the wonderment of Hamlet 2. The true key to this is the appearance of Sexy Jesus. No film is really complete without it. [via Film School Rejects]

7 – There is a great fear in humanity, one that I share on a deep level, that we will leave this world and not be remembered. One reporter has taken it upon herself to try and ease that fear, even if in a small way. Jill Leovy started The Homicide Report which actually documents each and every homicide in Los Angeles, but she goes into more detail, family lives and remembered moments about those people no even mentioned in the daily news or paper since they were determined to be “not newsworthy”. Albeit a depressing and tortured venture, I think her motivation and passion for making sure these people are known, are remembered, are thought of as more than just a statistic, that idea is worth more than many can possibly imagine. Kudos to that brave woman. [via CNN]

8 – There are those who say none of the things MacGyver does actually work in the real world. You know what I say to that? Phbttttt!!!. [via GorillaMask via Cracked]

9 – Let the floodgates open wide. Rock Band is set to begin the full album downloads with a classic from Judas Priest, Screaming for Vengeance, which has on it the uber-rock-classic You Got Another Thing Comin’, which showed a dude in the music video having his head spontaneously combust. This effect will soon be replicated by my own head if I don’t find a way to purchase my own XBox 360 and Rock Band set-up. [via Yahoo]

10 – Office Dare of the Day (from yesterday since it was funnier): Demand that your superior instruct you on office procedure for a meteor strike. [via Loncraine Broxton]

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