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Church fight to Cyborg fight: A day in the life of…(4/21)

Posted by goldwriting on April 21, 2008

1 – I’ve seen a lot of people who are for or against the multimedia powerhouse which we refer to as Oprah, but this video takes the cake for absolutely inane and possibly slanderous connections promoting the idea that Oprah is single handedly trying to destroy the catholic church. Somehow I thought there were bigger fish to fry in this world (religious radicals, terrorists, waves upon waves of hatred, etc…) but evidently I missed the fact Oprah was the tip of that deadly and dangerous spear. [via Perez Hilton]

2 – Since the ratings for How I Met Your Mother skyrocketed on the episode featuring Britney’s triumphant return to TV, there are rumors of her coming back once again as the same character. I’m all for this since she seems to be on the right track once again, which would be the track not including sleeping with paparazzi, running over paparazzi, attacking paparazzi with umbrellas and generally going insane. [via IMDB, 3rd entry down on the page]

3 – When that one same continuing, repeating, brain numbing dance beat gets to be too much for you, now you can just hop on over to the newest pop-art trend, Silent Raves. I want to find one, slide my way into the crowd and bop around, all while no one else knowing my IPod would be playing various episodes of Kevin Smith’s smodcast. Snickity-snack! [via Perez Hilton]

4 – As expected a long time ago, it fell out of the mouth of Joel Silver, uber-producer, that the Justice League of America movie has been “tabled” or known to the common folk and “tossed out the window, landed in the rainwater, washed into the sewers and is now getting touch ups down by the mole people”. Maybe in another five years, just maybe. [via FilmDrunk]

5 – I posted this video up a long time ago on my other blog, but some things deserve a re-introduction. Here’s a video of Travis Barker, drummer from Blink-182, adding his own musical stylings to Flo_Rida’s Low. [via Gorilla Mask via EJB]

6 – I only wish we will someday get to a three party system and we can have debates with this type of blunt and open honesty. [via CollegeHumor]

7 – The beginning of this article about Un-tooning cartoons was cool, but then the picture of Homer Simpson as a real person showed up and my soul got frightened and quickly retreated from my body, not even leaving a forwarding address. Damn lousy no-goodnik soul. [via Film School Rejects]

8 – Ties for the true geek. If I actually wore ties on a regular basis, I would definitely wear these on alternate Tuesdays and Thursdays. [via militantgeek]

9 – 32 people were shot over the weekend in Chicago. I don’t know about you, but I have to believe someone over there is keeping score in a very dangerous game. I would hope there is going to be some police reaction to such blatant violence in their city, but more likely is a plane from Hollywood landing in Chicago to start scouting for Judgment Night 2. I wonder if Emilio Estevez is available…[via CNN]

10 – I had to look twice when i saw something about a Universal Soldier 4 being made. There was a second one? There was a third one? How could I have missed such obviously classic film sequels? If they do follow through and get Van Damme with Lundgren for the fourth movie and this hits theaters, let me just say, my cheers will be heard on the moon. [via FilmDrunk]

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