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Clinton clings to Curious George: A day in the life of…(4/23)

Posted by goldwriting on April 23, 2008

1 – Unfortunately, Clinton won just big enough for her to stay in the race and claim logic and reason. Many polls showed Obama losing by 5% – 6%, but in the end it was a 10% victory for Clinton and she needed that to be able to claim a “double digit win”. Now we are going to be subjected to anoter two weeks of word twisting, over-hyping and sparkling illusions from her camp claiming that she is the only candidate able to beat McCain, which flies in the face of every major poll showing Obama winning in the general election, if only by a slight margin. I find it ironic that the Democratic party kicked and screamed eight years ago about the popular vote being the voice of the people and that is what we should listen to and now one of the most powerful members of that party is saying exactly the opposite, that we should ignore the fact she is losing the popular vote and elect her solely based on the fact she wants to win really bad. If McCain wins in November, history will look back on this race and blame Clinton for doing the impossible, handing the Republicans another Presidency. [via CNN]

2 – Marketing for the new Indy film goes above and beyond. No longer just new wrappers for candy, but actually new versions and flavors of the confectionery standards like Snickers and M&M’s. I don’t know what they mean in the description for the new Snickers bar about “exotic spices” inside, but if I open one up and a bright white light shoots out and turns me to dust, I am requesting my money back. [via Film School Rejects]

3 – Some things are just funnier when said through the mouth of old men, like this video about an “Anti-Earth day” holiday. If he just adapts his message a little from “eating rocks” to “eating rock candy”, I think I could sign up for this. [via GorillaMask]

4 – Britain’s Got Talent, the show that already launched the opera career of one unassuming cell phone salesman, now seems on the brink of doing it again, but this time with a shy, bullied-too-much, thirteen year old boy. Watch the video and I dare you not to get chills from the kid’s voice. [via Pandachute]

5 – This is hopefully just another media blitz illusion by Trump the Puppetmaster, but people are beginning to talk about O.J. Simpson being on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice. I could rant and rage about how wrong and unethical this would be and a black mark on NBC, a company fighting to gain fan appreciation and respect once again, but I’m sure my fingers would spontaneously combust from typing to fast and being fueled by the burning ridiculousness of the proposal. [via The Superficial]

6 – It’s amazing that the common level of intelligence in our society has prompted the need for a “smart toaster“. Following nicely on this will be the “smart water boiler”, “smart blinking machine” and “smart smart machine creator” which will indeed take over the world. [via Uncrate]

7 – It takes serious balls to call your movie Young People F*cking and I am sure that somewhere in the film we will be shown that very pair of balls. Oh, the end of the trailer is precious. [via Film School Rejects]

8 – If I were sitting in my office one day, thinking to myself, “Now that I have populated the world with such fine cinema as Showgirls, Starship Troopers and Hollow Man (among other random good films), what should I do now?” If that were me I can be fairly sure my answer would be nowhere close to this one provided by Paul Verhoven: “Make a movie saying the Virgin Mary was raped and that’s where Jesus came from. Oh, and Judas was a cool dude too.” [via FilmDrunk]

9 – This is surely one of those times when the meaning is lost in the translation, right? [via GorillaMask]

10 – Life lesson: Curious George should probably be just a little less curious because in the real world his antics would probably rank somewhere in the billions of dollars of damage. Crazy monkey.

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