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Donating time to Doggy Thunderdome: A day in the life of…(4/24)

Posted by goldwriting on April 24, 2008

1 – Author and Entrepreneur Tim Ferris created a book/sensation called The 4-Hour Workweek, where he details out ways to become part of the “New Rich” by correctly maximizing your time. Well, as productive and beneficial as that sounds, the true test comes from what you do with all this new time and money. Tim has made a nice step in the right direction by starting up fund raising efforts to build schools in places like Nepal (click here to donate to this worthy cause). Hopefully this new trend where we blend the definitions of “the fortunate” with “the generous” will continue for years and generations to come. [via Tim Ferris]

2 – David Blaine has lost some of that mysterious luster he had back in the day, but he is going to attempt to regain some of that when he tries to break the world record for longest time holding one’s breath. His attempt at the record will be during his upcoming appearance on Oprah. What he doesn’t know is audience members on Oprah have already broken that record numerous times in order to win Burberry Coats and free Prada handbags. [via Perez Hilton]

3 – It’s ok, Jon. We’ve all had those mornings. I recommend a quick dose of Orange Chocolate Chip Sherbet and a Battlestar Galactica marathon. [via Garfield Minus Garfield]

4 – I’ve yet to see the new documentary from Ben Stein titled, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, but now I am even more interested in donating my ticket money to it because it has become the latest victim in the suing spree from Yoko Ono. She is suing based on the fact John Lennon’s Imagine is used in the movie without her permission. Something about the history of John Lennon tells me that he wouldn’t mind his music being used to help open discourse on the subject of faith and censorship. Something also tells me he would dead set against Yoko’s addiction to lawsuit and money grabbing control stunts. Maybe it’s just me. [via FilmDrunk]

5 – In space, no one can hear you get pulled over. [via Film School Rejects]

6 – It took me a good ten minutes to come down from a rage after reading this claim by Hillary Clinton that she now leads in the popular vote. My tolerance for her double speak, political spin doctoring and blatant lying (how many snipers were shooting at you during that visit, Mrs. Ex-First Lady?) has reached an all time low. Her popular vote claim is only based on the addition of the votes in Florida and Michigan. She seems to think we will all ignore the fact that Obama didn’t campaign in Florida since he knew their delegates were not going to be allowed at the convention and the even better fact that Obama was not even on the ticket in Michigan. Counting those votes in her favor is as bad, if not worse, than the claims of voter tampering and racial blocking that took place in 2000 by the Bush campaign. Once again she is proving that she is bringing no change, no betterment of the political process and proving only one thing, women can lie and scheme just as good as men. Well played. [via CNN]

7 – When I have a cold and have to stay inside, I never make anything this creative. I kinda wanna get sick now just to do this. [via pouringdown]

8 – An inflatable IPod chair. Just what the doctor ordered for my cubicle. Do you think my desk-neighbors will mind when my mix of Disturbed and Color Me Badd plays all day? Nawww… [via swissmiss]

9 – As cool as this special edition of the board game Clue is, it is one step closer to that day when they release one with real weapons inside. Then, only then, will the dinner party start to get really exciting. [via uncrate]

10 – The moment I saw this I only thought one thing: “Two dogs enter, One dog leaves!”. Welcome to Doggy Thunderdome. [via uncrate]

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