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Foam City to Firing Squad: A day in the life of…(4/25)

Posted by goldwriting on April 25, 2008

1 – There are few things I want in this world more than being somewhere where I wake up to streets full of foam. Is that really to much to ask for? [via swissmiss]

2 – As reported all over the wire yesterday, word is Jimmy Fallon, ex-SNL skit killer, is going to be tapped for the open Conan O’Brien slot on Late Night. There was talk that Carson Daly was hoping for the nod, but Fallon seems to have major network support. I actually think this could be a good spot for him because now he won’t have to worry about those silly things like lines, looking at the camera too often or trying to steal the scene, because it will already be all about him. [via Perez Hilton]

3 – Yesterday I showed up two hours ahead of time for a performance at Amoeba Records in Hollywood by the comedy genius of Flight of the Conchords, but it turns out I hugely underestimated the drawing power of Norwegian Folk/Comedy Duos because they hit max capacity with hundreds of people, including my sad self, still waiting down the block. Ah well, at least I know they are going to have a second season of their HBO show and a new album just came out. If you have funny bones, go wake them up again with their new material.

4 – It’s time to go back to Middle Earth! Del Toro has officially signed on to direct the back-to-back prequels of The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit stories. No word yet on casting or anything else like that, but his official signing is a huge step for this seemingly perilous production. I wouldn’t expect to see a finished product out of this until 2010 or so, but we’ll be hungry for it by then. Hmmm…when should I get in line for tickets. Next week? [via Defamer via Variety]

5 – I actually thought this case was over, but it seems I was way off. Wesley Snipes was just sentenced to three years in jail for tax evasion charges in FL. This was the maximum sentence allowed and it truly feels like the judge was trying to send a message to the rich and the famous. No word on any type of sentencing appeal, but I would be more worried about that judge waking up with Blade standing over his bed growling at him. [via Starpulse]

6 – Is this badass? Yes, why yes it is. [via Film School Rejects]

7 – The first half of the final Harry Potter movie has just gotten a release date of Nov. 19, 2010. At first I was angry because that is such a long time away, but I quickly remembered that there is still one more movie in between that will reach the screen and keep the palettes happy. When this whole thing comes to a close in 2011 I might have to actually go back to reading or something. Sad days… [via ComingSoon]

8 – Two of my favorite things are coming together, like a multi-media peanut butter cup, Christian Slater and Stephen King. Slater is headlining, along with Wes Bentley, the movie adaptation of Dolan’s Cadillac. Murder, mob men and old cars. It’s a King triple threat. [via ComingSoon]

9 – Here’s the movie poster for what is one of the most powerful and terrifying books I have read in years, Blindness. I’m fully expecting my chest to seize up at some point during the movie, so if someone goes to see it with me you must be fully trained in all appropriate life saving techniques. [via IMDB]

10 – There are tactless people in this world and then there are those who are just plain ignorant. A man who runs an online gun shop, the very same one that sold the guns to the shooter at the VA Tech massacre, chose to give a speech yesterday on that very same campus about holding onto the second amendment right to bear arms. He argued that students on college and university campuses should all be allowed to carry concealed weapons since they have the right to defend themselves, but let me just ask, who the hell are they defending themselves from?! The people they are afraid of being shot by are the very people you sold the guns to first! The abuse and retardation of the second amendment exists now solely as a black hole of violence and pain that feeds on itself and draws more and more people into its grips by the day. [via CNN]

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