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Sitcom Dreams to Super Giant Robot Panda: A day in the life of…(4/30)

Posted by goldwriting on April 29, 2008

1 – Could my dream come true? Could 90210 and Full House be combined into one magical TV experience? The answer is YES! Lori Laughlin, who many remember as Uncle Jesse’s way-too-attractive-for-him girlfriend on Full House, has signed onto the 90210 spinoff show. If the momentum continues and they do sign pop/media sensation Hilary Duff, Lori will be playing her mom. If we don’t get an Uncle Joey cameo in there somewhere, i’m going to be very perturbed. [via Variety]

2 – The kids who played Final Countdown by Europe on their cellos just got served. [via GorillaMask via afrojacks]

3 – I’m digging the poster campaign here. Making it feel like the Joker is trailing right behind Batman on the promotional tour and screwing around. Nice touch, marketing gurus. [via Film School Rejects]

4 – USB jump drives are getting weirder by the second, but leave it to a Japanese company to combine creepy with cute into something that you just can’t stop yourself from wanting. Personally, the pirate USB drive is calling to me in my sleep. After the jump, you’ll find there is actually a contest to win some of these little geek toys. Yaaarrrrr… [via JoshSpear]

5 – As many suspected, the intensely awaited film Blindness is going to open the coming Cannes Film Festival. Hopefully it will not take long to get from there to the local theaters because I am already dying to see it. [via Variety]

6 – OK, this has been going on for a couple days now, but it’s time to let it go. Miley Cyrus took what many consider to be a risque photo for an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair. The photo was taken by visual arts legend Annie Leibovitz. As you can see from the photo (scroll to the bottom to see the final photo) there is a lot of skin showing and the subtext is to make it look like she’s naked, but the issue comes to bear when you remember that Miley Cyrus is 15 years old. So, was Annie wrong for setting up this photo? Were the editors of Vanity Fair wrong for printing it? Were Miley and her parents wrong for agreeing to it? Personally I think it was a little bit of all of the above, but the truth remains none of this would be an issue if some of the more outspoken and vocal members of society didn’t get all in a huff over it. Now it’s turned into another case of everyone pointing fingers at each other to blame and Miley being whisked out of the spotlight to try and force people to forget as quickly as possible. Disney execs have already stated that she will not be appearing at any events or public signings for four to six months. The only thing I am worried about is that she seems primed and ready to turn into the next Britney-trainwreck-fallen superstar-VH1 special-cliche. That’s just one thing we really don’t need to go through again. [via Defamer via The Superficial]

7 – Proof once again that there is a bright side to everything, even a nuclear explosion. [via College Humor]

8 – My only real question about this video is: Was the trombone really necessary? [via GorillaMask via unibrow]

9 – I posted this video a long time of a teacher drawing an actual perfect circle on his blackboard, but it resurfaced and still has the power to creep me out. Even creepier is the other, harder to find video, of him drawing a perfect BLT sandwich in the same amount of time. [via Pandachute]

10 – I hope you all realize that this video game is the first step in us being able to draw things that will instantly come to life. Here’s comes the Super Giant Robot Panda!!! [via swissmiss]

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