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Duffster Denial to Tetris Tooting: A day in the life of…(4/30)

Posted by goldwriting on April 30, 2008

1 – Should we refer to it now as 9021 – 1? Hilary Duff has crushed teen dreams by denying that there is any involvement between her and the upcoming CW tentpole show. It was about to be a triple threat, Full House + 90210 + Lizzie McGuire, but now it shall never be. I hope they don’t try to fill the void with My Two Dads, or something drastic will have to be done. [via IMDB, 3rd one down]

2 – Put a zippered door and a lightweight plasma TV inside this thing and I think I’ve found my new apartment. [via JoshSpear]

3 – The White Wizard is back and all you demons should duck and cover, beyotches! Ian McKellan has officially signed on for the Hobbit films, soon to be directed by Guillermo Del Toro. No word yet on any of the other cast that actually appear in these prequel stories, but honestly, who cares. Old dude, white hair, big stick. That’s all the army you really need to fight any battle. [via FilmDrunk]

4 – I’m a big fan of Jonah Hill, but I’m not sure if this new rumor about him co-starring against Shia in Transformers 2 is a good thing or not. He could be funnier than what they tried in the original with John Turturro, but don’t try and make me choose between him as a sidekick and more Megan Fox footage, because you don’t want to see me get angry like that. Grrr… [via Coming Soon]

5 – With the taste of the WGA strike finally beginning to leave our mouths, SAG is getting ready to show that actors can do anything the writers can and they’ll look better doing it. The current contract negotiations between SAG and the AMPTP are going nowhere and their contract ends on June 30. So watch all the TV you can right now, people, we might be back to game shows and reality debauchery before the summer is over. [via Variety]

6 – I might actually drink tea is it was made in this futuristic kettle of coolness. Or I would put hot cocoa in it with the marshmallows so I could watch them float around inside. Hours of enjoyment, seriously. [via uncrate]

7 – Marylin Manson helps develop a new brand of Absinthe. It actually wins an award at the 2008 San Fransisco World Spirits Competition. Hell may not have frozen over, but they are all certainly drunk and hallucinating now. [via uncrate]

8 – No one believed me when I said puppies were the root of all evil, but now this article about lesser known addictions proves me right. Take that, naysayers. 😉 [via GorillaMask via Cracked]

9 – Ever want to just sit back and watch tidbits of text float by telling you what people in the interweb either loved, hated, felt, wished for, etc.? Of course you did, well, here you go. Welcome to Twistori. [via Erin]

10 – For those of you tired of seeing all the insane ways people have found to play the Super Mario Brothers theme song, i’ve mixed things up for you and found people with way too much time on their hands and an unspoken love for Tetris. [via Pandachute]

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2 Responses to “Duffster Denial to Tetris Tooting: A day in the life of…(4/30)”

  1. erin said

    1. the post below this one is also labeled 4/30. that is a falsehood, sir.
    2. there was no 5/1 posting. ahem.
    3. um. hi.
    4. bye now.

  2. erin said

    5. didn’t realize you enjoyed the twistori link! all i got was dead silence as a response. sadness.

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