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Smart Sleeping to Seacrest Soaring: A day in the life of…(5/9)

Posted by goldwriting on May 9, 2008

1 – I am fairly sure that if I have this pillow, I will finally fulfill my dream of becoming smarter while I sleep. Side effects might include dreaming only in binary code and an unhealthy addiction to fractal imagery. [via JoshSpear]

2 – The broadway collaboration of John Mellencamp and Stephen King, Ghost Brothers, has been postponed to give the show more time to get ready for it’s initial run in Atlanta. Not a bad idea since Stephen King hardly gets a fair shake when he tries to step outside of his horror writing genre. [via lilja’s library]

3 – Is there anything left to get Tom Cruise back on the top again? Well, the normal procedure at this point is to go back to what worked in the past, so now we have started hearing rumors of a possible Mission Impossible 4. Not necessarily a terrible idea, but I think there is going to have to be more changes in the public life of Mr. Cruise to get him back inside the good graces of the movie going public. First step, try not being crazy. Everything else will fall in line after that. [via Variety]

4 – Here’s a marketing strategy that is clearly a sign of the times. Chrysler is offering with the sale of their new cars a charge card you can use to buy gas for the next three years at the locked in price of $2.99. Chrysler will pay the difference between that and whatever the current pain at the pump is. If prices reach the inflated $5-$8 per gallon some people are fearing, this car company could rule the world. [via CNN]

5 – I can’t think of a time in my life when I have seen an actor so clearly begging for people to remember how good he used to be. Tom Cruise has launched his own personal website that includes a ten minute long montage of some of the greatest hits from his previous movies. I give credit where it’s due and the montage shows some amazing stuff, but since when does a multi-million dollar superstar actor have to put his demo-reel online for people to see again? A restart is needed for Cruise, but I don’t think this was the right move to make. [via The Superficial]

6 – Think you know every different couch gag they have done in the opening of The Simpsons? I seriously doubt it, well, unless you are the living version of the Comic Book Guy from the show, then maybe. Here’s your way to test it out with a video of every couch gag ever! [via Today’s Big Thing]

7 – Count how many seconds it takes you to figure out what is different about this Japanese massage chair. [via GorillaMask via Japanprobe]

8 – Something like this would make me not sleep all weekend long. [via Pandachute]

9 – Here is a really cool photographic experiment where people send in a shot of whatever they are doing at exactly 10:15am. Putting these photos together you can really start to feel an interconnected nature in our race, the fact that it is always 10:15am somewhere and we can embrace our similarities and celebrate our differences. Now all I need is a digital camera that I won’t lose after only a few months…[via JoshSpear]

10 – Could it really be true? Could Ryan Seacrest be finding a life beyond American Idol? The industry folks are gabbing about his possible nomination to take over Larry King’s show once they finally admit that Larry King has been dead for 14 years and get a new host. I swear I saw dust billowing out of his mouth during his last interview. [via Perez Hilton]

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