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Sticky Stamps to Street Fighter Goddess: A day in the life of…(5/12)

Posted by goldwriting on May 12, 2008

1 – A proposed increase of one penny a year for stamps is not really all that alarming or outrageous for me to hndle, but when that increase is announced two days after I just bought a new book of 41 cent stamps, now me no likey postman. Grrrr… [via CNN]

2 – I wonder how many pairs of socks it takes to ride this bike. [via JoshSpear]

3 – What kind of thoughts would run through your mind if you worked in a hospital that only treated video game characters and their completely outlandish array of injuries? It might sound something like this. [via CollegeHumor]

4 – NBC quietly nnounced a little while back that they were planning a spin-off to The Office, but no details have since come out about what the show will be about, but the spin-off tidal wave might only be beginning. House, which coincidentally is also owned by NBC, is going to be spun into another show starring a new private investigator character who will be introduced on the Sarcasticm Hospital phenom sometime later this season. Personally, I love House and if they give the spin-off the same attitude and charm, more power to them (and less power to me since I will become a lazy bum watching all this TV). [via Perez Hilton

5 – And a little bit of Jon’s bondage side creeps out (which in turn, creeps me out as well). [via Garfiled Minus Garfield]

6 – Warner Brothers has created the full movie site for Get Smart. There are a handful of interactive things you can do, including creating your own agent for Control or Kaos. If you want to say hi, find the Kaos agent named Dunder, from the town of Mifflin. He’ll be the one doing two handed behind the back karate moves. [via ComingSoon]

7 – John McCain vowed to “fight evil” if he gets into the oval office. While that is a nice sentiment, it rings a tad dangerous since the idea of what is evil changes from person to person, and possibly from day to day. Most of what he talked about in his speech I completely agree falls under the banner of “evil”, but what happens when he decides that abortion is evil, gay rights are evil, or anything else the conservative right wing decides on that week? I’d rather hear someone come out against specific issues and detailed plans for change rather than making grand statements which were once used by people in the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition. Not exactly those you want to emulate. Oh, and his appearance recently on The Daily Show where he had to pull out a cue card just so he could make a joke about electing Dwight Schrute (the character from The Office) as his Vice President, well let’s be honest, that was pure pandering to an embarrassing level. [via CNN]

8 – This artist found out that puzzles made by the same brand are usually identical in piece structure, so you can easily make puzzle montages or mosaics. That could be the most exciting news in puzzling since someone actually finished that one with the picture of dogs playing poker and found out the pug on the right was cheating. I’m not bragging or anything, but I told you so. [via JoshSpear]

9 – An updated version of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. No one really believes anymore when they hear the word “Cannonball”. Such a shame. [via CollegeHumor

10 – Here’s one of the first pics of Moon Bloodgood as Chun-Li in the upcoming Street Fighter movie. It’s looking like it could be rather cool, but it’s hard to honestly find anything cooler than that actress’s name. Seriously, Moon Bloodgood. She really should be a warrior goddess or something. [via Film School Rejects]

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