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Joker Dolls to Human Jokes: A day in the life of…(5/13)

Posted by goldwriting on May 13, 2008

1 – I’m pretty sure these dolls would have done well without the tragedy connected to it, but most likely not to such a quick extent. The new Joker dolls from the upcoming film, The Dark Knight, have sold out within minutes. They are incredibly accurate to Heath Ledger’s rendition of the character and I feel that many people are buying the action figure as an homage to the late actor than to the movie itself. I might get one if I can find it. He can hang out with my growing posse of Jeff Goldblum action figures, that is, if he can stand the overly intellectual conversations they have. [via Perez Hilton]

2 – Today the polls opens in West Virginia and Clinton is heavily favored to win there, but let’s be honest here, the state has 28 delegates and she’s down by over a hundred. She’ll take the state, but since the Democratic party plays with split states she still won’t get all 28 delegates. Obama is actually spending the day in Missouri since that is a critical swing state in the general election. The death knell is ringing for Clinton, but she’s plugged her ears with another $6 million dollars from her own bank account. Her complete lack of common sense anymore and stubborn pride in the face of damaging her own party is starting to feel familiar…oh, yeah, just like Bush. [via CNN]

3 – At what point do we start calling our country stupid? How about when we let things get to a point where it costs more to mint our change than the change is actually worth? Yeah, that’s a good marker for stupidity. [via CNN]

4 – Somehow I think this lock has a better record of locking people in instead of out. [via swissmiss]

5 – A 13-year-old girl committed suicide recently and she left a number of references in her last writings to her favorite band, My Chemical Romance. My heart goes out to her family and friends in dealing with their loss, but it also goes out to the band, who I actually am no huge fan of. The problem is people will begin once again to attack the “emo” kids and the music they listen to as promoting depression and teenage suicide. It’s Judas Priest all over again. Music can make you feel things, it can bring happiness or allow you to experience pain and sadness, but getting to the level of suicide will always and forever be the mark of something a lot deeper than someone playing Track 4 on loop. [via Starpulse]

6 – With a global population that has almost doubled in the last 70 years, this story about a woman with 18 kids comes off as horribly irresponsible. You want that many kids, you want a big family, start adopting! [via Perez Hilton]

7 – Word has it that Viggo Mortensen is in line to star in a sequel to Dances with Wolves. It has been a damn long time since Costner won his awards and acclaim for that film and while I think Viggo is a fine casting choice, do we really need a sequel? Was anyone really sitting around wondering, “What ever happened to that guy? You know, the dude who said “Tatanka” and ran around the fire a lot?”. [via Starpulse]

8 – On the flip side of the sequel coin, going into production soon is Donnie Darko 2, which will follow the story of Donnie’s little sister after the ending of the first film. While I may not have been wondering what became of Donnie’s family, the movie was interesting enough and created a unique type of world that I wouldn’t mind visiting it one more time. Plus, who doesn’t want more scary seven foot bunnies? [via Perez Hilton]

9 – Universal just saved Bioshock from becoming one more tragedy in the Uwe Boll franchise. The amazingly cinematic and creepy video game will be directed by Gore Verbinski, making it instantly one of the most highly anticipated video game transitions on the table. [via Film School Rejects]

10 – While the intention might be worthwhile, Kim Kardashian and her sisters have only succeeded in making one of the most offensive and blatantly uncaring PSA commercials in the world, which is impressive considering the ones from Canada where they are actually burn people alive to get their point across. Crazy canucks. [via WWTDD]

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