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Selling Sets to Securing Stoltz: A day in the life of…(5/14)

Posted by goldwriting on May 14, 2008

1 – Taking a cue from the old days of television, the CW network has actually sold off the 3-hour primetime block of Sunday night to a media company, which will then pair up with an advertising company to develop and produce content. The commercials will actually own that block of time. I’m thinking we’re in for a mega-block-variety show featuring all the amazing things we can do the cup holders in the new Kia Sophia. Or something equally inane. [via Variety]

2 – This is one way to get rid of that pesky carpel tunnel syndrome, but on the down side, typing in UP+UP+DOWN+DOWN+LEFT+RIGHT+LEFT+RIGHT+B+A+START really fast is so much harder than it used to be. [via GorillaMask via Gizmodo]

3 – Those are the mornings when I crawl back under the covers all day. [via Garfield Minus Garfield]

4 – If the board game Life actually told the truth about your future, it might sound a little more like this. [via CollegeHumor]

5 – As if you needed another reason to want to see Wall-E, this years undoubted award winner for most adorable movie ever made, you can trek on over to the Wall-E website and build your own little cutesy creature. I swear, if this movie is as good as I think it will be, I might just marry it. I’m sure there’s a state I can do that legally in… [via ComingSoon]

6 – Even with the already predicted crushing win for Clinton in West Virginia last night, high ranking Democrats are getting louder about Clinton bowing out gracefully before June. I think they should point her to this website where wishes and dreams of the masses are shown for what will happen when Obama wins in November. Admittedly these are all said in jest, but the tone is legit. [via Tcritic via kottke]

7 – Nintendo is opening the doors to independent developers to add to their little wonder platform in the unveiling of WiiWare. This could definitely give Nintendo and edge since they will have constantly fresh and new content that will very likely be way outside the box. With that said, who gonna buy me one now? [via Starpulse]

8 – David Byrne, the wacky genius behind the band Talking Heads, is getting ready to take musical instrumentation to another level as he retrofits an entire building to play music. Knowing my luck, his premier musical interlude will happen when I am on a long winded customer service call with some dude on the seventh floor. [via Starpulse]

9 – Van Damme + Canne Film Festival = Hell Freezing Over. [via Film School Rejects]

10 – For the Battlestar Galactica fans out there, of which I am certainly one, get yourselves excited for the upcoming Caprica TV show because the indie-film icon himself, Eric Stoltz, has signed on. This is raising the bar, my friends. I smell Emmy nominations…[via ComingSoon]

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