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Giving yourself to Giving everything else: A day in the life of…(5/22)

Posted by goldwriting on May 22, 2008

1 – I admire Hayden Panettiere’s determination and her passion for the safety of the whales, but auctioning herself off for a night with someone and five of their friends is pretty much replacing the danger for the whales with danger for an 18-year-old TV starlet. People bidding for the evening with her over eBay don’t come with pedigrees or guarantees of non-creepiness, which I think should be a prerequisite for something like this. [via The Superficial]

2 – This is another technological revolution that we have all been waiting for. Philips is showing off a prototype for their 3-D TV that will work without the use of any glasses at all. For most forms of media this will make things even more awesome, but for porn this is going to make things increasingly awkward. [via CNN]

3 – I am an admitted junkie for journals and sketchbooks, so finding this online treasure of artistically designed moleskins pretty much made my week. [via JoshSpear]

4 – While everyone else is comparing how much they loved, or more likely didn’t love, the new Indy movie, I thought it would be nice to link you over to the new Lego Indy Game which will certainly bring you many more hours of enjoyment than the new film. [via Empire]

5 – How big is Iron Man you ask? Well, for the first time without any sarcasm or joking around, we can honestly say it’s so big that they are hearing about it in space. [via Starpulse]

6 – Even if this is only programmed as a kids toy, I really, really want one. Anyone who cares to challenge me in touch screen Pong is going down. [via gizmodo]

7 – Turn the volume down slightly on this because the dude’s voice can get annoying, but the visuals of 35 people getting balled in the head in 32 seconds is worth the effort.

8 – More shots being shown here of people on the set of Dragonball Z. I’m trying to block out visions from Double Dragon and the original Street Fighter, but they are so darn stubborn. [via Comingsoon via DBthemovie]

9 – Here’s another video where you might want to turn the sound a bit lower, not because of annoyance, but more because your head might explode like in Scanners.

10 – Looking for yet another way to give, or motivate you to give, well here you go. It’s the 29 Day Giving challenge. Take a look, you just might find you will get more than you give. [via givingchallenge]

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