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Serpentor in Oil to Satan in Cell Phones: A day in the life of…(5/27)

Posted by goldwriting on May 27, 2008

1 – Think you have an obsession with 80’s toys? Go to this page and click on the letter “T” to see some amazing oil paintings of everything from Battlecat from Thundercats to Serpentor from G.I.Joe. [via Uncrate via robert burden]

2 – I know I’ve gotten older when I watch this video and the first thing I wonder about it, “Did they get clearance to roll down this road? What about cross traffic?” I miss being a Toys ‘R Us kid. [via pandachute]

3 – In a continuing desire to find new and innovative ways to donate and help others I came across this post about Give a Drop. Please check it out and help if you can. There are way too many things in this world that we take for granted without realizing millions and millions don’t have that same access to what we consider basic human needs. Give a little, trust me, it’s like giving back to yourself. [via JoshSpear]

4 – Just for those dudes out there who might have found there indie/quirky crush on Jena Malone wavering, watch this trailer for her new film and feel the flame once again. [via FilmDrunk]

5 – When you get these put into your house, you have one choice. Does this become a reference to King Ralph or There Will Be Blood. One of them ends up in a much larger cleaning bill. [via uncrate]

6 – With all the premiers being announced for next season, the one I was keeping an eye on was Heroes. NBC is going to relaunch the second season struggler with a one hour recap of the show to get everyone back up to speed, then a two hour season opener. Three full hours of Heroes. Will this win the fans back? Maybe. It has definitely won a spot on my TiVo, that’s as far as I will go just yet. [via starpulse]

7 – I love hearing stories about the loving and helpful people inside local churches, like this story about how they issued a restraining order against a family and their 13-year-old Autistic son literally banning them from attending because of his outbreaks. No offer to have him come in for more a private mass, no offer to assist in any way except to wipe their hands clean of a child they don’t understand how to deal with. Is he suddenly not one of God’s children? Hmmm…hypocrisy tastes familiar here. [via PerezHilton]

8 – A real tragedy for the film world, Sydney Pollack died over the weekend after losing a battle with Cancer. He was a brilliant writer and a consummate actor. The silver screen just got a little less talented. [via WWTDD]

9 – I want to openly say thanks to JoshSpear and his blog for not only providing such interesting things everday, some of which you see posted here, but for posting his appreciation for the band /Passenger, which after 30 seconds of listening I felt moved in a way that was more necessary than anyone, including myself, could have realized. Topping it off is finding out that they are going to be playing at the Hotel Cafe in LA on June 9, so you now all know where I am going to be that night. [via JoshSpear via MySpace]

11 – Somehow, deep inside, I always knew something was wrong with my cell phone, but I was nowhere near imagining this. I bet the IPhone is way a happier creature. [via Pandachute]

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