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Tossing Drinks to Tossing Jokes: A day in the life of…(6/6)

Posted by goldwriting on June 6, 2008

1 – The only bad thing about this spectacular display of bartending skill is you can imagine how annoying it would be to try to get your keys back from her at the end of the night. [via Pandachute via SkillVideos]

2 – Hunter S. Thompson was a visionary, genius and possible lunatic, which in turn means that anything you create to talk about and feature his life, I’m gonna watch it. [via FilmDrunk]

3 – If you watch this video of an amazingly happy child and don’t crack a smile yourself, you need to look under your bed when you get home, I think you’ll find you left your soul there. We all deserve days where we laugh like that just once. [via Pandachute]

4 – I’m a fan of Seth Rogan, along with millions of other movie watchers happy about the upswing in popularity and profit for R-rated comedies, but I’m not sure I’m a big enough fan to endorse the idea of him playing The Green Hornet in an upcoming adaptation. I knew he was writing it and I’m fine with that, but he doesn’t seem like the superhero type to me. Even Will Smith got on my nerves with unnecessary quips and jokes throughout I, Robot, you think Rogan is going to go through any scene without a pot/dick/sex/fart joke? I’m willing to wait and give him a shot, but this is a risky venture for him, no two ways about it. [via Perez]

5 – You know what’s not a rsiky venture? Making Transporter 3! Jason Statham is coming back once again as the driver who just can’t say no to a job, then can’t say no to kicking the crap out of those who gave him the job. I’m predicting ridiculous car chases, chaser bullets everywhere and needlessly hot women (wait, is “needlessly hot” actually possible? I’m gonna meditate on that…) [via FilmSchoolRejects]

6 – Universal Studios is taking their recent fire as positive as they can and using the destruction as an excuse to rebuild and recreate something new in lieu of the 20-year-old King Kong attraction. Smart move, people. As iconic as it was, it was time to move on from that. They let go of the Back to the Future ride recently and that was at least 5 years its junior. My hope, drive-thru Wanted experience! Angelina Jolie dives down and shoots curved bullets around the tram all day long. Sweet… (although in reality, they should make it a Hulk experience. It could basically be the same set, just updated.) [via ComingSoon]

7 – Sometimes I wonder if people read this and then go out specifically to do exactly the opposite of what I wished for. Brett Ratner came out talking about how he wants to make the next Beverly Hills Cop for the 10 and 12-year-olds who don’t know the first film. Guess what? No one would have known the first film or any of them if they were originally made for the kids. It was an R-rated comedy and one of the nest ever made. They need to jump on this bandwagon and run with it instead of trying to continually trying to shove Eddie Murphy into the family genre. It worked for him for a while, but it’s time he got his mouth dirty once again. Hell, let him wear the Michael Jackson jacket again too, if that helps. [via FilmSchoolRejects]

8 – The creepy next step after buying these Joker themed playing cards is for everyone to show up at the game in Joker makeup. Now tell me who’s bluffing… [via FilmSchoolRejects]

9 – Someone needs to go back and digitally insert this necktie into American Psycho. It’s just too perfect. [via Uncrate]

10 – Here’s a little folk song to end the day entitled New Math. It starts out cute and kinda funny, then segways smoothly into totally irreverent and borderline hysterical. Kudos guitar playing sir. [via GorillaMask via ejb]

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One Response to “Tossing Drinks to Tossing Jokes: A day in the life of…(6/6)”

  1. Ron Mexico said

    Hey check out Totally Gonzo if you are a fan of Hunter S. Thompson.

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