The End of the Page

Now you know and knowing is just a touch over half the battle.


I’ve lived in the Northeast, Northwest and Southwest, so it is predetermined that I will retire like most older folks to the hurricane riddled land of Florida, thereby successfully avoiding entirely middle America. No real reason for it, just seem to live in a rectangular fashion. I originally moved down to Los Angeles to attend film school, which I did, but during that time I found my longtime passion for writing outweighed all other film making aspects. I definitely enjoy acting, directing and editing, but writing is an outlet for me that compares to having a completely separate body, one that has no limitations, no boundaries, no fear. That fascination with the written word extends to all forms of writing, novels (currently writing my second one and trying to publish the first), short stories, spoken word/poetry (performed throughout last year in various spots), screenplays (also writing the second one and trying to get actors attached to the first), and on and on.

So that’s me in a digital nutshell. You want to know more, just ask. I’m the epitome of the open book personality.

4 Responses to “Me?”

  1. bibomedia said


  2. hmks said

    Wow. I think writing has limitations, boundaries and tons and tons of fear.
    Fear that my writing will split open my veins and my blood will run free until there is no more left of myself and there is nothing left to write or want to wrote or…
    see? It’s harsh. Writing sort sucks, actually. I wish I had persued my original career of law… talk to me. I really enjoyed Me? Just curious if you still think this…?


  3. marcys said

    I just commented on your Tropic Thunder review that I really like your writing. Reading your profile, I figured I’d elaborate on that by telling you I know whereof I speak, since not only have I been writing (and reading of course) for 40 years, I’m also an editor who’s read tons and tons of other people’s writing. Yours has that certain something, a zip to it, and passion…so keep it up.

  4. I interviewed the filmmakers for Dakota Skye on my blog, the Damian Daily, and I totally agree with every word of your review. It was my favorite film at the Waterfront Film Festival. I enjoyed reading your other film reviews as well.

    I’m a writer too who enjoys dabbling in many different genres, but I sometimes find it difficult to easily transition between various categories and formats — fiction, nonfiction, journalism, poetry, screenplays, blogging, etc. Each one requires a slightly different style and skill set, but it can be challenging and rewarding to push myself in different directions as a writer.

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