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Conspiracies to Cartoon Madness: A Day in the Life of…(3/27)

Posted by goldwriting on March 27, 2008

1 – For all those fans of conspiracy theories, which made you instant fans of The X-Files, new details have come out about the sequel feature film coming this summer on July 25. My hopes is it turns out Mulder is an alien and he’s a sleeper agent that when tripped becomes a eight armed ninja creature with a distinct lisp. Then I could tell all those people who made fun of me when it was on the air, “Ha! I told you so!” [via Starpulse]

2 – I’m all about getting into a dialogue with the fans and defending your stance on your take on the finished product, but Steve Brill, the beleaguered director brought in for the much debated reshoots of Fanboys, has taken his online toe-to-toe with angry fans a bit far. One small step over the line and this dude becomes Uwe Boll and no one wants to see that happen. [via FilmDrunk]

3 – I’ve finally found it, my dream house. Once I get the comfy chairs set up, you’re all invited for my inaugural Christian Slater marathon, featuring back-to-back screenings or Gleaming the Cube, Pump Up the Volume and Heathers. You bring the cherry slushi’s. [via FilmSchoolRejects]


4 – Helping to end my depression from watching the sadly cancelled show Firefly, more casting news has been announced for Joss Whedon’s next show, Dollhouse, co-starring Eliza Dushku (a re-pairing from the Buffy days of yore). This is one show I am not going to let slip by me. The TiVo is armed and ready. [via ComingSoon]

5 – There are a lot of people who either love or hate the media and charity powerhouse we know as Oprah, but I have never heard someone refer to her as anti-biblical until today. Let’s chalk another mark on the board under “Reasons to find religious fervency incredibly silly”. [via Starpulse]

6 – Florida, only the sixth state to do so, just passed a resolution to officially apologize for the practice of slavery in it’s state history. I’m glad that Florida stepped up to do this, but it makes me wonder about other states that are sitting around thinking, “No way. What should we be sorry for? You mean there was something wrong with that?” Could ignorance still be that prevalent in our government? Oh…wait…I forgot who our President is. I sit corrected. [via CNN]

7 – Dr. Pepper is throwing down the fizzy gauntlet and promising to give out a free can of their drink to everyone in America. Oh, but wait, their catch is almost completely impossible. You see, they will fulfill this promise only if the ten-years-in-the-making album Chinese Democracy from Guns ‘N’ Roses actually comes out sometime during 2008. Someone please contact the marketing department of Dr. Pepper and deliver a quick round of backhand slaps to each of them. Thanks. [via LBN Report]

8 – Oh please let someone shoot this down with a “reality gun” before it comes to the theaters. Rumors are flying that the next Terminator movie will be effectively ruined by the title, Terminator: The Return of the Terminator. McG, if this comes to fruition you will be officially reclassified from idiot to anti-christ. I hope the sash fits nicely. [via FilmDrunk]

9 – It’s a sad day for those who actually wake up in time to get breakfast under the golden arches. Herb Peterson, the official inventor of the Egg McMuffin, has passed away. I was not only sad about this because of the loss of a human life, but also because it crushed my fantasy that the tasty breakfast treat was created during a rather boisterous and jolly board meeting in with Mayor McCheese and his staff. Single tear… [via CNN]

10 – Jon’s descent into madness in three frame format. Priceless. [via Garfield Minus Garfield]


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Daily Musings 3/18

Posted by goldwriting on March 18, 2008

1 – If you have to begin and end your video with “I’m not sick.” you have already doomed your public image. Judge for yourself with this oddly clever animation of Lego Sadism. [via GorillaMask via UniquePeek]

2 – Florida will not be re-voting for the primary they so brilliantly decided to hold prior to the dates set by the Democratic National Committee. Since the race is so tight between Obama and Hillary there has been talk about getting Florida’s delegates to sit at the convention and count (the same goes for Michigan), but Florida officially stated today that no new voting will take place. Hillary is an outstanding proponent for the votes standing as they were already cast, but that’s mainly because she whooped Obama in that state, mainly because he didn’t bother campaigning there since it wasn’t going to count in the race. Douchebag points: Obama = 0, Hillary = 2999 (if she makes it to 3000 I’m sending her a free Obama ’08 t-shirt) [via CNN]

3 – Hold the presses. Get out your sandworm nets because Dune is coming back to the big screen! Peter Berg, actor/director behind The Kingdom and Friday Night Lights among others, is attached to bring a new adaptation of the Frank Herbert classic novel to movie fans worldwide. According to the article they are now looking for writers and they want something that is more faithful to the original book, which many literary fans complained about with David Lynch’s 1984 version (which I still loved anyway). This is one of my favorite novels and I have good faith in Peter Berg, so this is what I like to refer to as “f’ing awesome news”. [via Variety]

4 – Condolences go out to the family of Anthony Minghella who just passed away. He was a highly acclaimed director and deserved every accolade he got. From The English Patient to The Talented Mr. Ripley and Cold Mountain the man was a consummate visionary and I’m convinced he would have continued making extraordinary work. [via IMDB]

5 – Stephen King’s The Stand is going to be turned into a graphic novel. Thrilling news, I must say, but the success of this all hinges on whether or not they include King’s own portrayal of one of the survivors in the TV mini-series version. Few things are as humorous as King telling Rob Lowe about how he gets used to moving tons of dead bodies, “Just think of ’em as cordwood. That’s what I do. Yeah, cordwood.” [via lilja’s library via comicbookresources]

6 – Now I don’t know what is so strange about this Garfield Minus Garfield strip. You mean most people don’t do this all the time? Hmm…i’m feeling a bit odd right now.


7 – If you are one of those zealots for the cult indie film Boondock Saints, this should be quite exciting for you. (I guess I need to actually watch the film now) [via FilmDrunk]

8 – Some kid found a completely fossilized dinosaur in his back yard. Hell, all I ever found were chewed up tennis balls and dried dog poop. I should’ve moved to din-country. [via CNN]

9 – The first full trailer is available for Ben Stiller’s Tropic Thunder, which originally didn’t look promising to me, but now I am turning the tide. This could be something special. Robert Downey Jr.’s controversial decision to play a character who is playing in blackface might just be a work of comic genius. Or he could start our country’s most vicious race war. Time will tell. [via FilmDrunk]

10 – There are many downsides to a night of binge drinking. One of those is having your mugshot taken like this: [via Perez Hilton]


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Daily Musings 3/6

Posted by goldwriting on March 6, 2008

1 – Foamy is back, people. Let the rejoicing begin promptly. 🙂

2 – Maybe I find this amusing since I also have a line of t-shirts, but there is no doubt American Apparel’s advertising has always been borderline porn. The weird part is it’s really awkward 70’s style porn, like no one is happy to be taking part in it. So in essence, their awkwardness and possible repressed feelings from doing those shoots makes this parody video funny. I guess that’s something. [via FantasticBlognanza]

3 – You know what happens when races get too close to call? The person least confident of winning starts whining and complaining about the race being unfair. Hillary Clinton is pushing for Florida and Michigan to get their delegates in the race, which are at the moment not counted since both states violated Democratic Party rules and moved their primaries up into January. Both state knew what the ramifications were when they made the move and are only rallying about it now because the race is incredibly close. Clinton is stumping for the rights of the states and those “unheard voters” only because everyone else skipped campaigning there except her, so she won both those states. If they get added back into the count, Clinton will get a huge boost and it will also be completely unfair. The more I read about this, the more this sounds like a Bush move. Way to show you’re the candidate for change, Hillary. [via CNN]

4 – Possible good news, Swayze fans: His own doctors came out yesterday to confirm that he is battling Pancreatic Cancer, but they report that he is only inflicted with a small amount of the disease and the dire proclamations made yesterday are far from the actual diagnosis. In this case, I am in full agreement with Perez Hilton and I think we should all buy and download Swayze’s song She’s Like the Wind off ITunes and push it back into the Top 10 as a sign of support. Help perk up Dalton!!! [via People and Perez Hilton]

5 – These USB batteries could the coolest new tech trinkets I’ve seen in a very long time. The people who thought this up need to stop thinking so much and give me some of that brain power. Do they even know how long it takes me to type these things? IQ Hogs!! [via JoshSpear]

6 – Ashton Kutcher could be an evil mastermind. It turns out that he has been secretly filming a new show, in Punk’d style, but this time he is not trying to fool the celebs, but the paparazzi. The show will set up ridiculous things for the photogs to run around, freak out about and waste tons of money and time printing in their daily gossip rags, only to be exposed later as being completely duped. If you have heard rumors of Paris Hilton walking around with a spiritual guide looking like an extra from Enter the Dragon, that would one of Kutcher’s masterpieces at work. I hate to admit it, but he could be kinda brilliant. [via WWTDD]

7 – It turns out that Buffy may be gone from our TV sets, but she is living on in the comic book world and inside that six-color-press universe, she might be playing for both teams. If they had only made Sarah Michelle Gellar go down this road with Eliza Dushku on the show, honestly, rating through the roof! (not that I had any problem with Alyson Hannigan blazing the path for her, that was equally fantastic) [via Perez Hilton]

8 – This is my first attempt at posting multiple thumbnails in one post, but this is worth it. They have just released the first shots of the actors in full Watchmen costume for each of their characters. I am personally excited by this because I happen to have the honor of being friends with Malin Akerman, playing Silk Spectre. The pics are incredibly rad and only boost my confidence that Zack Snyder will make this film utterly bad-ass.

watchmencomedian.jpg watchmenniteowl.jpgwatchmenozymandias.jpgwatchmenrorschach.jpgwatchmensilkspectre.jpg

9 – Another clever group of people have found a way to continue the parody cycle for The Bourne Ultimatum. Here’s the newest volley, The Waldo Ultimatum:

10 – I posted this video once in my old MySpace blog, but this is making the rounds again and I think it highly worth mentioning one more time. Here is the Latvian Cello Choir performing Europe’s rock classic “The Final Countdown”:

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