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Serpentor in Oil to Satan in Cell Phones: A day in the life of…(5/27)

Posted by goldwriting on May 27, 2008

1 – Think you have an obsession with 80’s toys? Go to this page and click on the letter “T” to see some amazing oil paintings of everything from Battlecat from Thundercats to Serpentor from G.I.Joe. [via Uncrate via robert burden]

2 – I know I’ve gotten older when I watch this video and the first thing I wonder about it, “Did they get clearance to roll down this road? What about cross traffic?” I miss being a Toys ‘R Us kid. [via pandachute]

3 – In a continuing desire to find new and innovative ways to donate and help others I came across this post about Give a Drop. Please check it out and help if you can. There are way too many things in this world that we take for granted without realizing millions and millions don’t have that same access to what we consider basic human needs. Give a little, trust me, it’s like giving back to yourself. [via JoshSpear]

4 – Just for those dudes out there who might have found there indie/quirky crush on Jena Malone wavering, watch this trailer for her new film and feel the flame once again. [via FilmDrunk]

5 – When you get these put into your house, you have one choice. Does this become a reference to King Ralph or There Will Be Blood. One of them ends up in a much larger cleaning bill. [via uncrate]

6 – With all the premiers being announced for next season, the one I was keeping an eye on was Heroes. NBC is going to relaunch the second season struggler with a one hour recap of the show to get everyone back up to speed, then a two hour season opener. Three full hours of Heroes. Will this win the fans back? Maybe. It has definitely won a spot on my TiVo, that’s as far as I will go just yet. [via starpulse]

7 – I love hearing stories about the loving and helpful people inside local churches, like this story about how they issued a restraining order against a family and their 13-year-old Autistic son literally banning them from attending because of his outbreaks. No offer to have him come in for more a private mass, no offer to assist in any way except to wipe their hands clean of a child they don’t understand how to deal with. Is he suddenly not one of God’s children? Hmmm…hypocrisy tastes familiar here. [via PerezHilton]

8 – A real tragedy for the film world, Sydney Pollack died over the weekend after losing a battle with Cancer. He was a brilliant writer and a consummate actor. The silver screen just got a little less talented. [via WWTDD]

9 – I want to openly say thanks to JoshSpear and his blog for not only providing such interesting things everday, some of which you see posted here, but for posting his appreciation for the band /Passenger, which after 30 seconds of listening I felt moved in a way that was more necessary than anyone, including myself, could have realized. Topping it off is finding out that they are going to be playing at the Hotel Cafe in LA on June 9, so you now all know where I am going to be that night. [via JoshSpear via MySpace]

11 – Somehow, deep inside, I always knew something was wrong with my cell phone, but I was nowhere near imagining this. I bet the IPhone is way a happier creature. [via Pandachute]

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Fake G.I.Joe’s to Real G.I.Joe’s: A Day in the life of…(4/4)

Posted by goldwriting on April 4, 2008

1 – Two more big names have been added to the G.I. Joe roll call. Brendan Fraser is reportedly doing a cameo as Gung Ho, while Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be coming on as Shipwreck. Seeing both these people dropped into the film is a boost to my interest, but the character choices seem a tad mixed up. “The Rock” seems perfect for Gung Ho, while Brendan seems more suited for the random comedy from Shipwreck. Ah, who am I kidding, as long as their is some dude behind a blue hood screaming about Cobra taking over the world, I’m gonna be thrilled. [via ComingSoon]

2 – This is probably only truly funny to a small group of people, but one of them is me, so I get to post it. It’s a mash-up video of footage from Spongebob Squarepants and audio from an anime title called Deathnote. Even if you don’t know that particular anime, if you ever wanted to see Spongebob go psychotic from power and corruption, it’s worth a chuckle. [via GorillaMask via CollegeHumor]

3 – Foamy the pissed off, ranting, singing, vulgarity slinging squirrel is back! This time he takes on the topic of ‘Used’ vs. ‘New’ pricing. Well spoken, you tree hopping maniac.

4 – Sometimes people and their creativity scare me. Then what scares me even more is I want to buy some of their stuff. Check out what Jessica Joslin can make with a small amount of metal, musical machinery and bones. I think she might have seen Pan’s Labyrinth too many times. [via JoshSpear]

5 – Here’s a funny story. A crazy out of work actress writes a tell-all book detailing all the crazy people she’s worked with and the morally questionable things they did. This silly woman then publishes the book and gets all huffy and defensive when some of the people mentioned inside get mad about items they labeled “incorrect, blown out of proportion, or just plain false.” The kicker to the story is the woman is then taken to court in England where the libel laws are less strict and she’s made to apologize and pay out a huge sum to a charity chosen by one of her old cast mates. I love happy endings, especially when the hero in the story is Nicholas Cage. Pwned![via Durden]

6 – This rattled me a little bit this morning. An FBI agent has been investigating the death of Sonny Bono, widely believed to be caused by his slamming into a tree while skiing, but this lone ranger has concluded that Sonny was actually the target of a well planned and perfectly executed mafia hit. Seriously? Maybe they had that tree specifically moved there early that morning knowing he would be plummeting down the hill in that very spot. Those would be the most clever assassins in history. Do they get awards for that? [via Starpulse]

7 – It’s like they’re looking in my window. [via Garfield Minus Garfield]


8 – Right on the heels of the Wargames sequel news, now the rumors are flying about a remake of our beloved Johnny 5 and the story of his birth in our world, Short Circuit. I don’t know why you would go back to this, since the humor and amazement over AI is nowhere near the place it was twenty years ago, but their first step in the remaking process has been to get the two original writers of the film. At least it has that going for it, but if I hear any mention of the robot being Johnny 6, I’m gonna cover the production offices in lava. [via ComingSoon]

9 – This video would have so much cooler if they had shown him actually shooting something with his homemade paintball tank. But, I give him credit for being motivated, ingenuous and honestly a rather scary individual. [via With Leather]

10 – It might seem weird to promote another t-shirt line when I help to run one of my own, but we must think of two things: 1) Helping others helps ourselves and 2) this shirt is just to perfect to not share with the world. [via OMG Tees]

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Daily Musings 3/21

Posted by goldwriting on March 21, 2008

1 – One of my favorite twisted souls in the literary world is Chuck Palahnuik, author of newfound classics Fight Club, Choke, Diary, Haunted and many others. On his home site it was just updated with the plotline for his upcoming book titled, Pygmy:

I’ve just finished the first draft of a novel called “Pygmy,” a dark comedy about terrorism and racism. The lead character is a 13-year-old foreign exchange student sent to live with a suburban, white, middle-class family. Oh, and they’re Christians. The visit is for six months, and he’s one of a dozen similar kids, all shipped to America to live with typical families.

The secret truth is that Pygmy is a terrorist, trained since infancy in martial arts, chemistry and radical hatred of the United States. He has six months to build a prize-winning project for the National Science Fair. If he succeeds, he and his project will go to Washington, D.C. for the finals competition — where the project will explode, killing millions.

So far, Gerry Howard says it’s the best book I’ve done. Fingers crossed for luck.

Yep, I’m prepared once again to be amazed and shocked by the words this man puts down. The wall of genius inside his head fell down long, long ago and now it all just flows out like creepy, creepy water. [via The Cult]

2 – Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Harrison Ford better step aside, because the baddest dude on the block is jumping on the comeback train and it could be the one we were waiting for. Clint Eastwood has announced he is making another Dirty Harry film, currently titled Gran Tornio, referring to the car the villain drives in the film. Unless Charles Bronson comes back from the dead, Eastwood is going to bring the toughest, craziest, meanest SOB back on the screen once again. [via Starpulse]

3 – A new trailer for Get Smart is here. New jokes, new explosions, new reasons to be insanely jealous of anyone who gets to be around Anne Hathaway. [via FilmDrunk]

4 – Oh my God! Oh my God! G.I.Nerd Boner!!!! Let me introduce you all to the awesomeness that is Ray Park as Snake Eyes in the new G.I.Joe flick (there is another pic through here as well) [via ComingSoon]


5 – At what point did the French become the ‘nice people’ in the global community? President Nicholas Sarkozy, while he might be a tad on the weird side in other aspects, has made a huge move by cutting France’s nuclear arsenal to down to 300. I’m hoping he is doing this out of a desire for peace and global disarmament and not because he saw the movie 300 and thinks all his nukes will suddenly become buff, shirtless warriors flying through the skies screaming, “THIS IS LA FRANCE!!!” [via CNN]

6 – There are mysteries in the world we are just not meant to solve, but luckily this is not one of them. Now you can create and enjoy your very own batch of Twinkies in the safety and fluorescent glow of your kitchen. The real kick when we start experimenting with the mystery filling…(get your mind out of the gutter people! I’m talking about filling it with Nerds, or maybe cookie dough. Jeez) [via Uncrate]

7 – People laughed at me when I said I felt watched, but now I know:

[via tcritic and icanhascheezburger]

8 – I can’t explain the genetic code that makes watching things blow up at 5000 frames per second so cool, but why explain it, just sit back, enjoy the opera music and witness the ballet of destruction unfold. [via GorillaMask and Spongefish]

9 – I hate things that come along and make me feel bad for enjoying the things I do. I feel like I might need to take a hot shower before playing Guitar Hero again. [via GorillaMask]

10 – OK, here’s the shameless plug for the week. My friend and I run a t-shirt line called Off the Ledge Tees. It took a long time for the webstore to get up and running smoothly, but now that it is, we are pleased to toss out some discount love to those people in our circles. So, if you go to the store, put in this code: HYSG82AS and you’ll receive the lovely gift of 15% off the order. Isn’t that special? You can also jump to the site through the “T-Shirt of the Week” link on the top right corner of the page. Enjoy!

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