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Daily Musings 3/7

Posted by goldwriting on March 7, 2008

1 – If you think you can come up with a limerick better than “There once was a man from Nantucket…”, take your rhyming skills over to this online listing of voted on limericks. [thanks, Erin]

2 – I’m honestly frightened if this is what they are doing all day over in Russia. We are all doomed. [via Pandachute]

3 – Only a few more of these Touhou videos exist, so enjoy them slowly, like a nice tasty plate of chocolate chip cookie dough.

4 – Don’t call it a comeback! It’s official, the entire main cast of The Fast and the Furious is back for the fourth installment of the speed racing franchise. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker were the first to sign back on, but quietly Jordanna Brewster attached herself to the project and now they have announced the triumphant return of Michelle Rodriguez, after her stint in the poke for drunk driving and various other offenses. My Friday just officially became AWESOME! [via FilmDrunk]

5 – As you all know I am on the Obamamania train, but I will say here and now that if this kid was running for President, I would vote for him in a heartbeat. This took major courage to do in front of his entire congregation and I only wish I had thought of it myself during that all-too-built-up ceremony. Why do people seem to get stupider as they get older? [via CollegeHumor]

6 – Last month I had a link in my Charity of the Month section to Autism Speaks, a wonderful charity that donates time, money and services to the growing number of people with this condition. One of the main issues for people who have the more intense forms of Autism is their lack of coherent communication with the outside world. Now, as shown in this news report from the UK, the internet has once again placed itself as a link between one group looking to be properly understood and the rest of the world. [via William Gibson]

7 – If you have about ten minutes, you can be led down on of the most hilarious trails of gun-toting fantasy to be found online. Please take a moment and learn the trials and tribulations of the Mall Ninja!

8 – Here’s the newest Iron Man poster. Is it just me or does Jeff Bridges look like really pissed off version of Patrick Stewart?


9 – Can someone please draw up a prescription for cartoon Prozac and send it to Jon Arbuckle c/o Garfield Minus Garfield. Thanks, I would feel much better about his personal safety.


10 – I think a bill should be passed requiring every customer service rep or cold calling operator to have a chart plastered over there phone detailing the difference in time zones. This measure will hopefully curb the prevalence of idiots who forget that even though they are at work at 9:45am in Washington DC, the person they are trying to reach in Los Angeles is still softly in bed at 6:45am, enjoying the last fleeting moments of a dream where he was going to go free climbing outside a broken down dorm building. Grrrr…(yes, you are right in thinking this actually happened to me this morning).

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Daily Musings 3/5

Posted by goldwriting on March 5, 2008

1 – The primaries last night were not the slam dunk we were hoping for on the Obama train, but the Clinton marketing engine has failed to derail us in any fashion. Obama is still ahead in the delegate count because in Texas she failed to take it by any size-able amount, meaning the delegates are fairly evenly split. While watching the coverage last night it was mentioned that there was a flowchart sent out very early on in the race between Obama and Hillary that laid out every primary and caucus and which ones they predicted Obama would take. Amazingly this document is being hailed like a Nostradamus doctrine since it’s been nearly on the nose the whole time. It predicted the loss in Ohio, the close shave in Texas and had Obama winning 10 straight in a row up to this point (it failed to believe he would win in Maine, which he did, giving him 11 in a row). So if those palm reading folks continue putting their faith in this chart, Obama will still come out ahead when the votes are all tallied up with crucial wins in the final primaries. I hope they’re right because I am someone that does want to see things change and Hillary is unfortunately showing herself to be more of the same politics we’ve had for the last 24 years.

2 – The Onion, the fake news network, is coming out with their own movie in shiny straight to DVD fashion. Kudos to Steven Seagal for being able to parody himself in what could be his best performance ever. [thanks, FilmDrunk]

3 – There is a video of this floating around, but I refuse to post it here. A US Marine is under verbal fire today, instead of literal fire, for having a fellow soldier videotape him throwing a small living puppy over the side of a cliff. I understand that war can have detrimental effects on people’s mental state and cause them to do things they would normally never do, but most of those instances come in times of intense stress and combat. This was one soldier goofing off with another and tossing a helpless animal over a cliff. Word coming out of the Marine top brass is that they are hugely disappointed and that most Marines conduct themselves with honor and respect. They are pulling together all the pertinent information now to decide what to do with this soldier, but my opinion is solidly that this person be dishonorably discharged from the Marines immediately. We have obviously been in such a rush to fill up the ranks of our Armed Forces that we are letting people in who are not there to defend our honor and our country, but people who just want to play with guns, flex their muscles and expel cruelty where they see fit. Let’s see the Marine Corps try to make a booster commercial out of that story. [via CNN]

4 – Rumors are flying around the net this morning that our favorite bouncer and dirty dancer, Patrick Swayze, is battling a very serious form of Cancer and has mere weeks to live. I desperately hope he is not as bad off as they say. Swayze may not be an Oscar winning talent, but he has helped bring about some of the greatest popcorn flicks in history. Road House not only provides some of the most hilariously violent fight scenes in history, but it also continues to serve as a measuring point for any relationship I might get into. If the girl I am interested in does not like Road House and giggle themselves silly watching it, we’re doomed from the start. But that’s only the beginning for Swayze, he also helped to bring us Ghost, The Outsiders (my personal favorite movie), Red Dawn, Dirty Dancing, Next of Kin, Point Break, Too Wong Foo: Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar and Donnie Darko. Can you imagine a happy and fulfilling life without those movies. I think not. So my thoughts and good vibes are going out to you, Dalton. May you tear Cancer’s throat out.

5 – These people have way too much time on their hands, but also way to much genius to be contained. Please enjoy, Michael Jackson’s Punch Out: [via GorillaMask via The Panda Page]

6 – The one man who did so much to bring fictional and fantastical lives to those who had none in reality has just passed away. Gary Gygax, the creator of Dungeons & Dragons, died Tuesday at 69 years old after a long battle with a variety of health problems. I was also one of those role playing kids, covering my dining room table with battle charts, dice graphs and miniature pewter figures that I would hand paint and detail myself. Admittedly I branched out from D&D pretty quickly into other system I felt work more expansive, like Marvel and G.U.R.P.S, but somehow I think that admission just made me more of a dork than before. Oh well. Gary helped to ignite the world of role playing and the nerds, geeks, dweebs and closet cool kids of the world owe him a debt of gratitude for that. You rolled a true 100, Gary. Thanks for the memories.  [via CNN]

7 – In my mind Robert Downey Jr. can do no wrong on film (not making any claims about his personal life), but doing a role of a role in blackface? Our boy might be straying from the land of logic just a touch. Luckily, Iron Man will come out before this controversial role and we will all get to experience the full gooey excitement over the comic book extravaganza. [via FilmDrunk]

8 –  The Pearl Jam parody rendition of “Old MacDonald’s Farm” is one of the joys of my life: [via Pandachute]

Kids Rock

9 – The Dragonball Z live action adaptation is being pushed from this year until 4/3/09. Some reports are claiming it is because the release weekend was getting too crowded with other big ticket fare. My thought is they had no real idea how long it was going to take to animate all those crazy diagonal lines every time someone jumped in the air. Also, the budget for blond super spiky hair gel has skyrocketed.  [via ComingSoon]

10 – What’s that you say? You want more Touhou videos!? Well here you go, it’s Hot Pockets time:

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Daily Musings 2/29

Posted by goldwriting on February 29, 2008

1 – Let’s start off the day big:


Signed, sealed, delivered. I’m yours, Iron Man. [via Dave]

2 – There is Hollywood wrangling going in the back rooms recently over the fate of the TV hospital of hilarity, Scrubs. The show is produced by ABC Studios and aired by NBC, but the show is said to be in its seventh and final season right now. ABC is rumored to not want to let the show disappear and deals are possibly being given via secret handshake to bring the show over to ABC after this season is over. Evidently the whole cast in on board with the idea of continuing, including leading man Zach Braff who will live on under a contract that makes him one of the highest paid actors on television. NBC claims they have all the rights to whatever the show does and where ever the show goes per a first look deal with ABC Studios and I seriously doubt they will let the ratings earner slip over to Alphabet City. NBC should just send over their new American Gladiators to the ABC network offices. This will all be settled right quick. [via Coming Soon]

3 – Prince Harry did actually go to the front lines in Iraq and fight with his countrymen, but now since the world media has deemed it necessary for us all to know that, Harry is being pulled out for fear his unit will now be targeted specifically to eliminate him. Once again, the news media proves it thinks more about ratings and scooping everyone else than about the safety of those they report about. I bite my thumb at you! [via CNN]

4 – Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is planning to spin-off the character of Cleveland into his own show. I thought I would have more to say about this since I am a huge Family Guy fan, but I really have no idea where that show would go. Somehow I sense lots of socially irreverent humor about him being black, but that’s just a wild guess. [via ComingSoon]

5 – A screenwriter trying to find yet another way to subvert the system and use someone else’s idea for their own benefit has written a sequel to Juno and posted it up on eBay for any studios or producer to bid on. UPDATE: I tried to find this mysterious screenplay so I could laugh at the audacity of the writer, but it is nowhere to be found on eBay anymore. Ah well, the seller probably took it down because they were getting so many bids on it and it was getting in their way of stealing someone else’s work and writing There Will Be More Blood. [via Starpulse]

6 – I’m a fan of tattoos, got four myself, and I can attest to the myth that they are addicting, but this the line has to be drawn somewhere and I feel pretty confident in saying tattooing your eyeball is stepping over that line. [via Asylum]

7 – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls is set to premier at the Cannes Film Festival on May 18. No matter how great the film is, no matter how nostalgic I get watching it, I am still going to hate that title. Both Steven and George deserve a swift kick in the jimmy. [via ComingSoon]

8 – Office dare for the Day: Ask your boss if you can leave for the day to attend the Adult Novelties Expo. (wait, this is a dare? I mean that sounds like a perfectly legit reason for an extended lunch break)

9 – If you haven’t been keeping up with this amazing blog, start now and make each day just a little bit funnier and more demented: [via Garfield minus Garfield]


10 – To round off the morning, here’s another Touhou video, making fun of my favorite PSA commercial of all time:

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Daily Musings 2/28

Posted by goldwriting on February 28, 2008

1 – My dreams are coming true. When I walked out of Step Up 2 The Streets I fell to my knees in the theater lobby and said, “Please, Lord, let there be more. Let this franchise live on!” That prayer went up on the wings of angels and what came back was more than I could have hoped for:

“Disney will proceed with a third installment of its hit dance franchise “Step Up,” tentatively titled “Step Up 3-D.”

Pic will become the latest 3-D live-action film from the Mouse House, with “Step Up 2 the Streets” director Jon Chu in talks to reprise.” [click to Variety for the whole article]

That’s right! 3-D flip outs and headspins happening right in front of you. If they get someone nearly as hot as the last lead girl and put her under a rain machine…check please!

2 – I actually do remember when they tried to launch Slamball as a new sport and I’m gunning for them to make it back on the air. The Spike Network is just ripe for this kinda stuff. You don’t have to watch the entire ad campaign for it, but just wait until you see some of the mid-court body checks and super-spin slam dunks. Tell me this wouldn’t be fun to watch.

[via With Leather]

3 – Here’s more Touhou fun for the masses. This time, Mentos!

4 – There is a much longer clip that has been riding the Internet wave for over a year now entitled “The Evolution of Dance”, but there is one major and important difference with this newer, shorter version…and his name is Optimus Prime. [via College Humor]

5 – The world, and the people in it, may knock you down, but the only person keeping you down is you.

6 – Gerard Butler, the insane leader of the Spartans in 300, is going to be lending his voice to the comic within the comic in the upcoming Watchmen film. Unfortunately this is strictly an exclusive for the DVD release, but the whole comic will be done in anime style and Butler will lend his voice to that of the doomed captain. This sounds extremely cool, but I swear if he yells anything remotely close to “We are PIRATES!” or “We are ANIMATED!” I am going to find Zack Snyder, the director, and wrap him completely in bubble wrap and push him down a long, sloping street, so he’ll make lots of noise on his way down and people will come out of their house and say, “What the hell is that noise? Oh, it’s Zack Snyder, that duchebag who ruined the Watchmen DVD.” [via ComingSoon]

7 – Brian Eno is said to be producing the upcoming Coldplay album. Hmmm… famous U2 producer working with Coldplay. There’s a word for this… Insta-grammy! [via Perez]

8 – Predicted pricing for gas could reach $4 per gallon and when our nation’s commander and leader was asked about what he plans to do about this, his response was “I hadn’t heard that.” I’m positive there is not enough space in this computer for me to list out the things George Bush hasn’t heard, starting somewhere around the creation of the universe and ending near yesterday’s Hot Topic on The View. Can the aliens that dropped him off on this planet please come retrieve him? [via CNN]

9 – Maxim magazine has launched out it’s newest response in the Review-gate scandal. Now it is claiming that the reviews were not reviews at all, they were “previews”. Oh, I see, it all makes sense now. Well here is my preview for all future Maxim articles, “They will suck and be inaccurate and borderline slander.” But hey, I haven’t read their entire future line of issues, so I could be wrong. [via Starpulse]

10 – UPDATE: It looks like Jacko might be able to keep Neverland Ranch after all. There seem to be some bankers out there still crazy enough to lend him money and the proposed auction is being postponed while his financial estate is worked out. I said it before, I’ll say it again, the place is haunted and you’d have to pay me to live there.

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Daily Musings 2/26

Posted by goldwriting on February 26, 2008

1 – I love stumbling across hidden treasures of the Interweb and thanks to exquisite team of people over at Defamer, I can now tell all of you of the genius that is Garfield Minus Garfield. The truth finally comes out, Jon Arbuckle is certifiably insane.

2 – Here is the first of the amazing Touhou videos (meaning the one I posted before was not actually the first one created, but it was the first one posted here. Confused yet?). In this installment the animator brings back one of the most beloved theme songs and title sequences in late eighties/early nineties television, Perfect Strangers.

3 – The rumors are getting louder that the New (Old) Kids on the Block are planning some type of reunion tour. Evidently they have all landed in Los Angeles and a photo shoot could be happening as you read this. Haven’t they had kids by now? Are they going to be on the tour as the New Kid’s Kids?

4 – At a screening of The Signal someone decided to show their disappointment in the film by stabbing two random people. My favorite part of this story is the article goes on to mention how the man was kicked out of the theater. Really? Stabbing people is worthy of dismissal from my local movie house? What is this world coming to!?! [via FilmDrunk]

5 – I’m hoping this officially kills this newfound trend. I’m a huge Kevin Smith fan, but jumping on the “I’m F*cking [insert random actor here]” bandwagon plays as a little desperate for attention. This time they have Elizabeth Banks singing about Seth Rogan, mainly because they are starring in Kevin’s next movie, Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Most of this clip is rehash and not all too funny, but it picks up points towards the end with a cameo by Kevin Smith and the moment where Seth Rogan compares his manly bits to an Otter. Enjoy.

I’m F*cking Seth Rogan [via FilmDrunk]

6 – If a movie isn’t being made about this already, I’ll trade you all the Magic cards I still own (somewhere, in a box, not organized by color or anything like that, I swear). Oscar Heist, via New York Post.

7 – I’ve watched this a couple times and eventually you can totally see that the coach is having a completely legitimate reaction. [via With Leather]

8 – The Clinton camp is denying any participation in this, but honestly I don’t buy that for a second. A photo has been circulated around the news agencies and sent to blogging sites, like The Drudge Report, of Barack Obama dressed in traditional Somali garb while he was visiting a holy site in 2006. The Somali dress is distinctly Muslim-looking and the photo taken out of context is blatantly trying to show Obama as a terrorist sympathizer. I truthfully thought Hillary would try to win the Texas and Ohio primaries with dignity, but she has now completely erased any sense of that I had for her. [via BBC news]

9 – In the event of alien invasion, you need to know the specific things the alien species are vulnerable to. Thanks to this helpful instructional video, we now know that alien aggressors cannot handle the smooth pop vocal of Rick Astley. [thanks Dave]

10 – Maxim magazine has officially apologized to The Black Crowes because one of their reviewers actually sent in a negative review of their upcoming album without even hearing the entire thing. It was an “educated guess” he said. Hmmm… I’m pretty sure the next album I hear of woodchucks performing Gregorian chants is going to make my ears bleed, but I would at least listen to it first. Who knows, maybe one woodchuck would stand out above the rest, a diamond in the rough, as it were. [via Starpulse]

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Daily Musings 2/22

Posted by goldwriting on February 22, 2008

1) I’ve never been a huge fan of Golf, but that is admittedly because I have a complete vacancy of skill for it. Even still, I can appreciate an amazing comeback when I see one and we all know by now that no one mounts a comeback like wunderkid Tiger Woods:

2) Portions of the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Israel are blaming the gay population for the rash of recent earthquakes in the holy land. This ranks right up there with the insanity of the Westboro Baptist Church who claim the war in Iraq is a direct result of the US acceptance of the gay community. I never realized it until now, but if this is all true, gays are the most powerful race on earth! Being gay is like a super-power or something. I’m now anxiously awaiting the formation of super-power fighting groups and I fully expect their outfits to be FABULOUS!

3) This trailer is a little long, but I couldn’t help laugh every time the narrator said “Teenage Mother” in his thick Boston accent. This guy sounded like he was the type to set up an “accident” if his daughter were to get pregnant to early. Man, the 70’s were a scary time.

4) In my research I have actually come across the real reason for everything bad and awful in the world, it’s Heidi and Spencer, the wanna-be celebrities from The Hills. It’s not bad enough for them to parade around faking that they are being randomly photographed (when every shot is perfectly lit and posed), or to make people want to gouge their eyes out with the Spencer directed music video for Heidi’s already dead music career, but now they want to make a video game about themselves. The only ten minute novelty of this was Spencer mentioned that you could play them or play against them, which means at least in a digital form we all could finally beat the crap out of both of them. I still won’t play it, but I’ll feel a little better knowing someone out there might be delivering Tiger Punch blows just for me.

5) A new treasure trove of hilarious videos was opened up to me yesterday, this is only the first of many to come. The guy who made these re-animated characters from a crazy Japanese game called Touhou, but dropped them into modern day commercials and TV show openings. Diamonds in the rough, they truly are.

6) What’s the best/worst thing that could happen if you are a reporter for Time magazine and you invite George Clooney over to your house for dinner/interview time? He might actually show up!

Clooney Comes to Dinner (thanks, Defamer)

7) They say you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. This certainly holds true for the water that is leaking in the back of my fridge because I can’t really get a horse in the apartment anyway and I am fairly positive it would fit in my fridge, even if I moved that tub of cookie dough we recently bought at Costco.

8) Dominic Monaghan is lost no more (get it? lost? anybody? [crickets chirping]). He has been added to the cast of Wolverine as a character named Beak. Not the manliest sounding character in the world, but I think they’ll somehow still make him cool in the finished product.

9) Let’s pretend for a moment that I actually saw a complete episode of this show when it was on and let’s pretend that the lives of my friends and I revolved around nothing but this for seven years or so. If all that were true, this trailer for Sex and the City would make me excited (unfortunately my imagination is not that good).

Sex and the City trailer (thanks, WWTDD)

10) Obama and Hillary debated last night in Texas and it didn’t end being a grand slam for either candidate, but Obama has the momentum and Hillary badly needed to derail him, which she did not accomplish. My opinion is if Hillary loses either Texas or Ohio in the March 4th primaries, mainly Texas, you can expect her to gracefully walk away from the campaign. The message will be clear by that point. People are tired of politicians looking like they are just playing the part and we want someone who actually feels sincere for the first time in generations. Needless to say, I’m voting for myself. 🙂

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